13 'He's All That' Memes and Reactions That Sum up the Netflix Remake

He's All That stars Addison Rae and Tanner Buchanan as the popular girl who bets with her friends she can make the class loser Prom King. But as she gets to know him better, she realizes her unkind antics may cost her the man of her dreams.

Given the movie is a remake of the 1999 film She's All That, some comparisons were bound to be made.

After He's All That came out on Netflix and quickly became the most popular movie on the platform, fans have reacted not only to the differences between the two movies, but also how this film stacks up against its teen romcom comrades.

We've compiled some of the top memes and reactions that sum up most of the views on He's All That.

1. What Is the Story, Again?

Me watching #HesAllThat for the plot.
The plot in question: pic.twitter.com/hx63F5gfx5

— moon (@munaashakur) August 27, 2021

2. Someone Gets It

I watched He's All That for the plot.
The plot: pic.twitter.com/vpmegWAoga

— Laney (@xoluckytiger) August 27, 2021

3. Product Placement Galore

the pervasiveness of the product placement in He's All That (2021) borders on obscene pic.twitter.com/efKZEslX5L

— the internet's jonbutter (@thejonbutter) August 28, 2021

4. Wait, Have We Seen This Before?

So #HesAllThat is a project about Tanner Buchanan & Peyton Meyers’ characters being into the same brunette girl at some point? Haven’t we seen this before? 😂😂 #GirlMeetsWorld pic.twitter.com/YodnTyg0Ah

— Brynne Lortie (@BrynneLortie) August 28, 2021

5. Are Oscars on the Cards?

Tanner Buchanan is like a young Leonardo DiCaprio in #HesAllThat 😍 pic.twitter.com/P5ACRLaZYN

— ℳᴀʀʟʏ (@xMARLY) August 28, 2021

6. Cobra Kai Turns Up

Whoever decided to give Tanner Buchanan a fight scene in He’s All That so that he could show off his Cobra Kai moves? pic.twitter.com/wssu6pUi8D

— The Mexican Dragon (@Annais_Zizou) August 29, 2021

7. To Note: Fans Really Love Cobra Kai.

tanner busting out the cobra kai karate moves in he’s all that 😭

— ayla (@goldensfiIms) August 27, 2021

8. Cameo Perfection

I just know Matthew Lillard's back hurts from carrying the whole movie#HesAllThat pic.twitter.com/NpS24eAFUx

— k♡ (@bitchyhourss) August 29, 2021

9. Matthew Lillard Has Done His Job

Matthew Lillard understands the assignment #HesAllThat pic.twitter.com/5i3T9BMbsd

— BLURAYANGEL (@blurayangel) August 27, 2021

10. Laney Boggs Saves the Day

Just Matthew and Rachel carrying the whole movie in the 5 minutes they’re each in pic.twitter.com/2jwqoWa2ZG

— ismat wants to cry over nwh (@ismatholland) August 28, 2021

11. 'He's All That' Could Be a New Classic?

cba why is he’s all that actually not bad 😭😭😭 #hesallthat pic.twitter.com/cgBizA27PZ

— hercphines ♡ (@hercphines) August 27, 2021

12. Even the Haters Can't Hate

removed he's all that from my netflix watch history to try to hide the shame but it's not working pic.twitter.com/FGhQvwKeXZ

— sara (@sarrogii) August 27, 2021

13. Or Maybe They Can

He's All That broke me. I don't want to be dramatic but it was so bad that I LITERALLY cried

— Dylan Matthews (@theDMatthews) August 28, 2021
Production still of He's All That
Tanner Buchanan and Peyton Meyer in "He's All That." Netflix

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