'Fortnite' 14 Days of Fortnite Day 11 Guide: How to Thank the Bus Driver

It's Day 11 of the 14 Days of Fortnite event, meaning the festivities and rewards are almost over. For the past week and a half, players of the battle royale have been completing Winter-themed challenges in order to unlock sprays, skins and back blings for their avatars. You can still complete past day challenges, like dancing in front of Christmas trees or riding different vehicles, until the event is over at the beginning of 2019. Just don't expect to get the Take the Elf Emote added to your inventory, that is still bugged.

The prize for completing Day 11's challenge is gorgeous: a rare Frozen Axe pickaxe. This medieval torture weapon is one of the nicer free harvesting tools that Epic Games has delivered fans, meaning that any player who wants to look good for free is going to need to complete this quest.

How to Thank the Bus Driver in Fortnite

To earn the Frozen Axe pickaxe, you'll have to "thank the bus driver" in 11 matches. Added in Season 5 after massive fan outcry, Fortnite allows players to emote while in the bus before dropping to our deaths. It's become a tradition in the game to "thank" right before a game. Performing this action is really easy, but varies depending on the platform you play Fortnite on.

On PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch: Press down on the D-Pad

Fortnite Mobile: Press the emote button in the top-right

PC: Slam that "B" Key

After "thanking the bus driver" in 11 matches, the reward will be yours.