15 More Die From Coronavirus in China as Chicago Woman Treated for Disease, First Cases Found in Europe, Australia

Health officials in Chicago confirmed Friday that a 60-year-old woman has been diagnosed with coronavirus. This is the second verified case of coronavirus in the U.S., a sickness that has caused the province of Wuhan, China to be placed under quarantine to prevent its spread.

According to the Illinois Department of Health, the woman visited Wuhan in December 2019. She showed no symptoms while traveling and did not use public transportation.

Officials from Hoffman Estes Hospital said the woman was "being monitored in isolation, in accordance with established infection control protocols. Given the advanced information and training provided by the CDC [Centers for Disease Control], our staff was well-prepared to care for this patient."

In Europe, France has reported its first three confirmed cases of the virus. Two of the cases were in Paris while the third was reported in Bordeaux.

"There is no imminent danger," Bordeaux mayor Nicolas Florian told France Bleu Radio. "There is no cause for alarm, and no reason to panic."

15 more people have been reported dead in China as a result of an outbreak of coronavirus, an illness that affects the respiratory system and has spread through countries in Asia and Europe. The U.S. confirmed the second case of coronavirus in the country Friday as occurring in Chicago, Illinois. Getty

Australia revealed its first confirmed case of coronavirus to be a Chinese man in New South Wales. Five other people in New South Wales are being tested for the virus.

"It is important to stress that there is no cause for alarm to the community," said Victoria Health Minister Jenny Mikakos. "The patient is isolated and is undergoing treatment and we do not have any further suspected cases at this stage."

In China, where the outbreak of coronavirus began, 15 more people have died bringing the total death toll to 41 people who have died as a result of complications from the virus. Over 1,200 patients have been confirmed to be infected. In central China, 12 cities have been placed under a travel restriction that affects approximately 35 million residents.

Shanghai Disneyland Resort was temporarily closed Friday. "We will continue to carefully monitor the situation and be in close contact with the local government, and we will announce the reopening date upon confirmation," read a statement on the resort's website.

Wuhan is the location of China's largest inland port and the home of a large railway transportation hub. With the Chinese New Year happening this weekend, normally heavy holiday travel through Wuhan has been halted by the quarantine.

Airports worldwide have enacted screening measures for passengers arriving from China in an attempt to curb the spread of coronavirus. Regardless of these efforts, coronavirus is also suspected to have made its way to Thailand, Japan, South Korea and Singapore, among other countries.

The coronavirus has been classified as zoonotic, meaning it can be transmitted from animal to human. This current outbreak is believed to have started in a Wuhan wet market, where animal meat is sold without being refrigerated. According to the South China Morning Post, types of animal meat available in wet markets include kangaroo, dog, and koala.

Newsweek reached out to the World Health Organization for comment but did not receive a response in time for publication.