15 SNL Sketches Cut From the Show but Became Online Sensations

If you are a fan of NBC late-night comedy showcase Saturday Night Live, you probably know that after a dress rehearsal, staff make decisions on which sketches to cut based on whether they were working or not for the dress audience.

Many of those "cut-for-time" sketches are comedy gems and NBC frequently posts them on its YouTube channel or NBC's site.

We've rounded up 15 SNL sketches cut from the show but that have become online sensations.

1) Alan


Bill Hader plays Alan, a dancing robot and the "future of casual entertainment". When the Alan is turned on, Bill Hader starts dancing in moves that are hysterical.

The internet couldn't get enough of Alan's awkward shimmying and in 2019 the cheesy robot was turned into a meme.

2) Chad's Journey


Aloof dudebro character Chad (PeteDavidson) temporarily dies due to a microwave accident and meets for the first time his father Brad (Adam Sandler) during his trip to the afterlife.

3) College Admissions


A college admissions board (Sandra Oh, Cecily Strong, Kenan Thompson, Heidi Gardner, Chris Redd) decides which candidates to admit.

As you can expect from a sketch that mocks the 2019 college admissions bribery scandal, well-connected and wealthy candidates have preference over underprivileged but intellectually gifted candidates.

4) Christmas Romance

13 M views

A clip inspired in one of the most popular scenes of the Christmas movie audiences either love or hate with a passion, "Love Actually".

Pete Davidson declares his love for Amy Adams using cue cards while her husband is in the house but the love signs get uncanny.

5) Children's Show


Toby (Michael Keaton) is the host of a children's show together with his talking chair (Beck Bennett), clock (Pete Davidson) and jukebox (Kyle Mooney).

It actually looks like a children's show until things start to get rather disturbing.

6) Cool


Dougie (Kyle Mooney) is a nerd who wants to please his cool neighbours (Gosling, Bennett),and with the help of a special machine he goes from uncool to the king of smooth.

7) Climate Change


Another SNK skit that didn't make the cut but luckily hit the web. Self-absorbed actor Blake Vilanti (Beck Bennett), the host of Fixing Earth with Blake Vilanti, attempts to interview Dr. Robert Khan (Kumail Nanjiani) to try and save Earth but all he can manage are dummy questions and an obnoxious z-lister attitude.

Actors, don't they love to save the world and preach about the state of planet Earth while flying on private jets?

8) Disney Characters


A sketch about some of the least interesting Disney characters.

Blake Shelton plays a Disney Parks cast member who acts as John Smith from Pocahontas. He is possibly the less popular person to meet at Disney World and no-one is really interested, he even scares a child with his raccoon.

9) Friendship Song


A group of girlfriends (Tina Fey, Aidy Bryant, and Kate McKinnon and musical guest Nicki Minaj) go to a bar and sing about a series of situations many of us have encountered when on a night out. The ex, the person who pretends doesn't know you, or a dishonest coworker.

10) Goddesses of Creation

7.5 M views

Three goddesses of creation (Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon and Vanessa Bayer) talk with a crystal (voiced by Cecily Strong) that invites them to come up with ideas to put on the Earth which the voice then decides to approve or reject.

11) Morning News


Hilarious clip about the awkwardness that arises when racial issues dominate the news agenda.

The presenters of "Rise and Smile", a fake St. Louis morning show, struggle to keep it cool in the aftermath of the Ferguson riots. On top of that, their guest (James Franco) only says embarrassing things.

12) Supermarket Spree


Another unaired clip sketch that became an online hit, host Melissa McCarthy and cast member Vanessa Bayer go head-to-head in a final round of "Supermarket Spree.

Forget about fair play, the contestants way to win a supermarket game show is all about cheating, attacking and even stealing.

13) Star Warriors


An alternate Star Wars story. A group of rebels, "The Mos Eisley Five" (Mikey Day, Kate McKinnon, Charles Barkley) want to make a deal with "Goba" (Kenan Thompson) to free a captured pilot (Pete Davidson).There is one problem, Barkley can't understand what's going on.

The question is how do all the characters in Star Wars understand so many alien languages?.

14) The Last Fry


In this musical sketch, two friends (Kyle Mooney, Beck Bennett) get distracted by a beautiful girl who eats their last French fry and miss what's happening around them. They sing about their fry troubles while a nuclear attack is currently imminent on the U.S.

15) Work Banter


Rapper Drake plays a new employee at a Kinko's where he has to work with cast members Beck Bennett and Bobby Moynihan who are veteran employees and have a special relationship and their own 'work banter'.

The newbie tries to figure out the strange behaviour of his coworkers and tries to fit in but the duo constantly shut him down. Awkward work banter at its finest.