Girl Shot Dead While Walking Her Pet Dog in Texas

A 16-year-old girl was shot dead after leaving her family home to walk the dog. Her body was discovered by family members.

The shooting happened around 9.30 p.m. on Tuesday at 15400 Park Manor near Markwood Lane in Houston, Texas.

According to a report by ABC13, the 16-year-old's family heard gunshots and went looking for her. She was found lying dead on the side of the road by her parents.

Houston Police posted on Twitter on Tuesday evening that "Southwest officers are at a shooting scene 15400 Park Manor."

They added: "16-year-old female deceased at the scene."

Police believe the incident was a drive-by shooting involving a dark-colored vehicle. Investigators are searching for surveillance video to better help them understand the crime and have not given a potential motive for the shooting.

Police have also asked anyone with video or more information to please call Crime Stoppers or the HPD Homicide Division at 713-308-9080.

Newsweek has contacted the Houston Police Department for comment.

Police in Garland, Texas, are also searching for a 14-year-old suspect involved in a separate triple homicide.

Abel Elias Acosta is accused of fatally shooting three teens and injuring a fourth on December 26, 2021, at a convenience store gas station in Garland.

Newsweek reported on his father, Richard Acosta, who was with him at the time of the alleged shooting, surrendering to police the day after.

Authorities say security footage shows a shirtless man or boy exit a Dodge Ram car and head towards the door of the convenience store holding a handgun.

The person then fired multiple shots into the store, killing three teenagers. Police have named those killed as 14-year-old Xavier Gonzalez, 16-year-old Ivan Noyala and 17-year-old Rafael Garcia.

Abel Elias Acosta is described as Hispanic with light skin, dark hair and brown eyes. He is about 5-foot-5 and about 125 pounds. Police have said he is considered armed and dangerous.

Police Chief Jeff Bryan held a press conference the day after the shooting and spoke about the difficulty of the investigation.

He said: "This investigation is difficult for us, it is difficult for me, it is difficult for our officers, it is difficult for our community.

"Because we want to know why, we don't have an answer why, we are trying to comprehend this and we don't yet. But we do have a job to do.

"There are two things we are trying to accomplish right now. The first thing is we are trying to complete an accurate and thorough investigation and arrest, we owe that to the families.

"The second thing we are trying to do is support the families, a day after Christmas they have lost their loved ones.

"I have been meeting with the families and whatever we can do as a community to come together to support them, that is the end of my statement."

Gun shooting
Stock image of a gun and bullets. Police have launched an investigation after a 16-year-old girl was shot and killed while walking her dog. Getty Images

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