18-Year-Old Accused of Leaving Newborn in Dumpster Gets House Arrest After Not Guilty Plea

An 18-year-old woman accused of abandoning her newborn baby in a dumpster behind a store in New Mexico was released on house arrest until trial after pleading not guilty on Wednesday.

Alexis Avila faces charges of attempted murder and felony child abuse after police said security camera footage showed Avila throwing a black trash bag containing her baby into a dumpster behind a mall store last Friday.

During Wednesday's hearing, Lea County Judge William Shoobridge released Avila on house arrest instead of keeping her in jail until her trial but attached a series of conditions to her release.

Avila is prohibited from leaving her home unless she is going to school, a job, counseling, or medical appointments and she is not allowed to travel outside of the state. She is unable to have contact with any males outside of her immediate family and is prohibited from seeing her child. She is also not allowed to be in the presence of children under the age of 10.

Judge Shoobridge also ordered her to wear a GPS ankle monitor and said the company monitoring the device would be reporting directly to him. If she goes anywhere deemed as unusual or suspicious he said "I'll be notified and you'll go straight to jail," KCBD-TV reported.

During the hearing, a witness testified she found the newborn while dumpster diving with two other people. She told the court they initially thought it was a kitten when she grabbed the black bag. Instead, she found a baby with his umbilical cord still attached, naked and covered in blood.

At the hearing, the state played the court surveillance video from behind the store showing a woman thought to be Avila throwing the black bag into the dumpster. The prosecutors also played the 911 call from the three people who found the baby.

According to a criminal complaint, the teenager told police she didn't know she was pregnant until she went to the doctor for stomach pains on January 6. Avila gave birth to her son in her bathroom the following day.

She told investigators she panicked after the birth then wrapped the infant in a towel and placed him in a trash bag. She reportedly drove around with him in the car for a while before she eventually threw him in the dumpster, according to the criminal complaint.

The father of the newborn, 16-year-old Stephen Astorga, and his family are seeking custody of the child they named Saul, the Dail Mail reported. However, the child is currently in the care of the New Mexico Department of Children Youth and Families services and is in stable condition.

Teenager Accused of Abandoning Baby in Dumpster
This undated photo provided by the Hobbs Police Department shows Alexis Avila, an 18-year-old Hobbs woman facing charges after police say she abandoned her newborn baby in a dumpster. A New Mexico judge allowed Avila to be released on house arrest as she awaits for trial. Hobbs Police Department/AP Photo