20 Netflix Shows We Want to See Return for a New Season ASAP to Ease Our Social Distancing Pain

Right now, life is about finding joy in the little things. The world has hit pause, a reset of sorts, and has been forced into isolation as COVID-19 terrorizes the globe in unprecedented fashion. Introverts and extroverts alike are stuck on their couches (some happier than others about the downtime) looking for the next best thing to watch, or mock, or tell all of their friends about.

At Newsweek, we're social distancing to the best of our abilities while raging on about our new, and old, favorite Netflix releases. We're big fans of the streaming platform's original content, so much so, that we're ready to hound them with requests to bring back for of our favorites. Some already have new seasons in the works (thank God) while others have yet to be renewed.

So as we distance and immerse ourselves in television culture, here are some of our favorite series we really, really hope we'll get to see again. Netflix, if you're reading this, please renew all of the show on the list below. Thanks!

Queer Eye
After five charismatic seasons of 'Queer Eye,' the Fab 5 are some of our favorite humans on the planet. Netflix

Tiger King

OK, this one is a no-brainer. Who doesn't want to see more Tiger King? We understand there's a hiccup in this plan, given Joe Exotic is in jail. But hear us out, Netflix. What about Jeff Lowe's zoo? And is Joe really going to shut down all of America's exotic animal parks from prison?

Most importantly, we really need to get to the bottom of this Carole Baskin stuff. Netflix. Please.


Jailbirds only has one season, but it was one of the most lovable, hilarious looks at prison life to be created. Of course, as with any prison series, there's an air of seriousness to it all. But the bonds formed offered a unique perspective—jail marriage, anyone?

The first and only season of Jailbirds premiered in May 2019, and we've had our fingers crossed for a year that we'll get to see Noonie, Monster, Dolla and more again.

Love Is Blind

The Netflix gods have spoken and given us two upcoming seasons of Love Is Blind, which we are eternally grateful for. Now is a better time than ever to watch people date in pods, given the real-life distanced dating we've come to expect. While we'll have to wait until at least next year to see another cast of lovestruck hopefuls fall in love without seeing each other, we're just happy those awkward first encounters are coming our way sometime in the future.

Too Hot to Handle

We need a second season of Too Hot to Handle for the same reason. The first season debuted this past Friday, but we're already waiting for a second cast of admittedly hot but not brilliant singles to grace our screens. The whole point of the show? No sex and no kissing, even though these people are the smoothest people alive. Forming meaningful relationships is the goal, but we'll return each season for the snarky commentary from the show's narrator. That and the show's "sex ban," which seems to have fallen upon the entire world during COVID-19, anyway.

The Circle

Keeping in the reality TV genre, we're patiently waiting for The Circle. One thing is certain: After social distancing, we'd all be really great contestants. The Circle was innovative because it's the first game show played in total isolation. Like I said: Sign us up!


Another new release already won us over. This past Friday, #blackAF premiered, yet here we are, asking Netflix for more. This fictional TV family gives the Kardashians a run for their money with a documentary-style plot about the wild and explicit daily life of a rich, black family.

Dating Around

Netflix has another underrated dating show that's coming back next year. Dating Around gives singles a few dates each, and while the show is pretty calm, the drama was unpredictable and perfect. It's a feel-good series that gives the dreary dating scene a bit of hope.

The Get Down

After just one season, Netflix announced The Get Down wouldn't return, but that doesn't mean we're not still hoping. The '70s set hip-hop series, set in the South Bronx, left us remembering how much we love a good musical drama, and we miss that.

The Spy

So, we're taking a little bit of a liberty here. We know The Spy can't continue as a typical Season 2 (due to spoilers we will not share here), but that doesn't mean there can't be a Part 2...or a prequel...or a few bonus scenes? Right? We don't really know...we just know we want more of it.


The docuseries that took the world by storm this winter is still at the front of our minds. Will Cheer have a sequel? Or introduce a whole new group of super athletic young adults? Either way, we'll be practicing our sloppy cartwheels and feeling really self-conscious about our flexibility until we hear back.

We're already anxiously awaiting 'You' Season 3, among lots of other possible renewals. Netflix

Feel Good

This new Netflix series brings an artsy, cinematic take to the real-life struggles of Mae Martin. From addiction to a monumental relationship, Martin's fictional character, also named Mae, navigates sexuality and adulthood and a relationship that makes her swoon. Our ears are still ringing from Mae's story, and we're left wanting even more.

Sex Education

Netflix has produced more than a handful of teen self-exploration dramas. Sex Education is different. We've fallen in love with the characters in the two seasons it's been available because of their honesty. The show tackles concepts like sexuality, abortion and love with raw honesty, and it's perfectly mixed in with relatable comedy. This series could last a long time if it keeps up the way it's begun.

Tuca & Bertie

This adult animated comedy follows two women (er...birds) living the life in Birdtown until one uproots their roommate relationship to move in with an architect. Tiffany Haddish and Ali Wong give us perfect voices for Tuca and Bertie, with whom we are clinically in love after just one season.

Making a Murderer

Another no-brainer to add to the list: Making a Murderer. The true-crime series is undeniably one of Netflix's greatest successes, and there's so much more to dive into after Part 2. While the forensics and some appeal steps have been outlined, Steven Avery is still in the process of appealing his conviction. Most viewers want to see a new trial, for the man they claim has been wrongfully convicted. And we're all counting on Netflix to give us the inside scoop as Avery's story continues.

Grace and Frankie

After six seasons, the characters of Grace and Frankie feel like our friends, so it's no wonder we're craving more of them during quarantine. The beloved families have brought us laughs, tears and moments of thought, and we can't wait for them to enter our homes again with the final Season 7.

Don't F*** With Cats

This is another we're taking liberty with because there's no real way to follow up Don't F*** With Cats. Basically, what we're asking for here is another season of internet sleuths putting a really bad guy behind bars. We loved the at-home-detective concept that debuted in this true-crime series, and are hoping Netflix has another wild story up their sleeves.

Evil Genius

Evil Genius is the same. While there's no real stepping stone to a Part 2, there's the baseline for a really odd true-crime narrative. Though it premiered in 2018, the story still keeps us up at night.


The ultra-creepy (yet kinda hot) Joe spooked (and smooth-talked) viewers in Season 2 last year. Now, we're anxiously waiting for more murder and giant plot twists in Season 3. We know the show is returning: Netflix told us that much. All we know past that is we have time to warn Joe's new neighbor of what's about to happen. Please, someone, tell her.

Dead to Me

One of the quirkiest, most shocking series on Netflix is officially returning for a Season 2—and so much sooner than we imagined. Dead to Me will return on May 8, and if you haven't watched it yet, you need to. Right now. We won't say anything else because, while we love dropping spoilers, this one is worth keeping secret.

Queer Eye

Last but certainly not least...our favorite humans are preparing to gift us a Season 6 this summer. That's all we know. But Netflix, please, please keep the Fab 5 in our lives for as long as they'd like to be there. Our days are sunnier just knowing Tan, Jonathan, Antoni, Bobby and Karamo exist, and the mere thought of their boundless joy keeps us smiling in the worst of times.