Where are They Now: The Women Behind The Spitzer and Weiner Scandals

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ANTHONY WEINER is in the public eye again, decked out in florescent-colored pants as he peddles his hard sell to become the next mayor of New York City. Joining him in the ring this week: Eliot Spitzer, who launched his bid for city comptroller—a move that prompted the New York Post to scream on its cover, "Here We Ho Again." Whether the two notorious cads will win over Big Apple voters remains to be seen, but as the race heats up, we're sure to be treated to a rehashing of their various sexcapades. Meanwhile, just what has become of Weiner's "sexting" ladies and Spitzer's gal-pal, supposed call girl Ashley Dupré?

Apparently, Weiner is still in touch, to an extent, with the various women on the receiving end of his dirty texts and Twitter messages. When the scandal broke two years ago, Gennette Cordova, Lisa Weiss, and Traci Nobles were among the women who admitted exchanging raunchy texts with (or, in some instances, receiving unsolicited crotch shots from) the then-congressman. At a press conference this June, Weiner told reporters, "I have not been in contact [with them] except for in very basic ways," he said. "But I'm not going to give any information about any of those contacts. I have said steadfastly that I apologize for the things that I've done."

While Weiner is wooing the electorate, Weiss—a blackjack dealer in Nevada—told The New York Times that she's been ignored by colleagues and mocked by customers ever since "Weinergate" hit. The male customers ask her to "talk dirty," she lamented, with one fellow going so far as to taunt, "We know what you want to do to him." (Despite everything, she said, she'd still cast a vote for the pol's comeback.)

Cordova, the 21-year-old who received an allegedly unsolicited photo of an (ahem) erect Weiner in his boxers, withdrew from school and moved from Seattle to New York. The story, she told the Times, "has followed her across the country."

And as for Nobles, she lost her job at a Young Women's Christian Organization after the Weiner hit the fan (at the time, she accused her roomie of leaking her naughty texts) and now works as a fitness instructor in Georgia. She's also, naturally, writing a book about the scandal.

Now, about Spitzer's lady. Dupré has been busy flexing her entrepreneurial muscles. She's started a lingerie, swimwear, and loungewear line—that would make even the slinkiest Victoria's Secret model feel exposed—called Femme by Ashley. Dupré tweets about "#peace #love #vodka" on her account, which includes a whole lot of exclamation points.

Will these women ever escape the curse of the sex scandals? If Spitzer and Weiner find themselves swept back into office, one can only assume their celebrity will live on.