Newsweek Past: Young Wives With Brains

Newsweek Past

"Who could ask for anything more? The educated American woman has her brains, her good looks, her car, her freedom. Come next November, she will outvote the American male – for the first time in history there are 3 million more registered women voters than men voters. Yet she often complains that she is not completely happy.

What are her complaints? In this special report, Newsweek's science editor Edwin Diamond puts this girl-who-has-everything under the microscope and offers an analysis of the young American wife in the 1960s . . . .

She should be pleased with herself, and yet, she is not. By her own admission this thrice-blessed woman feels troubled in these good times. She is dissatisfied with a lot that women of other lands can only dream of. Her discontent is deep, pervasive, and impervious to the superficial remedies which are offered at every hand."