Newsweeks Past: Women in Revolt

Women's Liberation
A Women's Liberation march in Washington, D.C., 1970. United States Library of Congress

On March 23, 1970, Newsweek reported on 'The New Feminists'.

"The New Feminists are thousands of women with lovers, husbands and children – or expectations of having a few of each – talking about changes in social attitudes and customs that will allow every female to function as a separate and equal person.

That, of course, is not how the American woman sees herself now. She is, in the labored rhetoric of the movement, a 'sexual object,' born to be a man's toy, limited and defined by her sexual role rather than open to the unbounded human possibilities held out to men – or at least to some men.

Usually she is not out of diapers when she learns that girls play with baby dolls, boys build things. If she is smart, grownups begin early to warn her against being too smart. 'When you turn out to be a mathematical genius,' reported a young woman at Columbia University, 'your mother is the one who says, "Put on some lipstick and get a boyfriend".' She has no other identity."