Inna Shevchenko: If I Ruled the World

femen 2
Leader of Ukrainian feminist protest group Femen Inna Shevchenko Patrick Kovarik/Getty

One law I would pass?

A law obliging every country to stop any co-operation, meeting and agreements with any state whose rulers don't respect the convention on human rights.

Whom I would ennoble?

Every new-born girl, so women finally can be proud of being women from the first day of their life and society will learn to respect them.

One thing I would ban?

I would ban the possibility to ban something.

Whom I would exile to Siberia?

I wouldn't – it would let them develop their evil plans. To be destroyed quickly by me, they need to be around.

Where I would build my palace?

I would not spend money on a new palace, there are too many already that would become great squats: living and working places for NGOs, activists, feminists. I would take a room in one of these squats in the Vatican, Mecca or Jerusalem for example.

The book every child would have to read?

A book that lists all important books written through history, so our children would never be the "people of one book" and could properly plan their own education.