Jon Snow: If I Ruled The World

Michael Steele/Getty

One law I would pass? A law ruling that all traffic light systems revert to flashing amber at 8pm until 6am, thereby vastly easing urban congestion.

One thing I would ban? All private cars from major city centres – it's a matter of human rights. One man in a box on wheels should not enjoy 10 times the road space as that enjoyed by a pedestrian or a cyclist.

Who I'd ennoble? I would not ennoble anyone, I would do away with all name-changing honours: there's no one whose reputation has ever been improved by having a title.

Who I'd send to Siberia? Myself – I have always wanted to go – preferably on the Trans Siberian Railway.

Where I'd build my palace? Primrose Hill, London

Compulsory book to read? Hare Goes to War by Alison Uttley, in which the stoats and weasels are an instructive lot when it comes to understanding the nastiness of war.