June 23 Issue


Saddam Hussein's Final Days In Iraq

In the summer of 2006, a squad of U.S. military policemen deployed to Iraq, eager to join the war. They would be responsible for a “high-level detainee”—Saddam Hussein, the former president of Iraq.
‘Russia Without Thieves!’
In Focus

‘Russia Without Thieves!’

St. Petersburg, Russia—Police detain a protester during anti-corruption demonstrations on June 12, a Russian national holiday. The authorities reportedly arrested more than 100 in this port city on the Baltic Sea and over 100 in Moscow, some of them chanting “Russia without thieves.” The man behind the protests, opposition leader Alexei Navalny, was reportedly detained, and his popular YouTube channel went dark. The veteran activist is seen as the only candidate who can challenge President Vladimir Putin in the 2018 election, but he may not be allowed on the ballot due to embezzlement charges he claims are politically motivated.
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Michael Flynn’s Nuclear Option

How Trump’s former national security adviser got involved with a madcap plan to build scores of nuclear power plants in Saudi Arabia and the Arab world.
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Editor's Pick

City of Hamburg Sells Refugee Houses on eBay

Prices started at $1,140 for the wooden structures, formerly used to house refugees, measuring a total of 301 square feet. The authorities advertised that the buildings could be used as a workshop, guesthouse, or even a yoga studio.