August 11, 2017 Issue

In Focus

Cops and Toddlers

Saguiaran, Philippines—Displaced children stand next to police gear on July 24. Fierce fighting between government forces and militants inspired by the Islamic State group (ISIS) has prompted hundreds of thousands to flee Marawi, the only predominantly Muslim city in the country. The authorities set up evacuation centers, but many are overcrowded and unsanitary, according to Reuters. The Philippine Congress voted to extend martial law in the country’s south in hopes of crushing the militants, leading some to fear that President Rodrigo Duterte is trying to impose permanent authoritarian rule.
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President Trump has a majority in Congress. So why has his agenda—from health care to infrastructure—largely gone up in flames?

The New Deporter in Chief

In Philadelphia, the detention rate of undocumented immigrants without criminal records is six times higher than during the same period in 2016 under the Obama administration.