Oprah's Favorite Things 2018: 51 Fabulous Gift Ideas

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Smoke-less Indoor Grill by Philips
About: The Philips Smoke-less Indoor Grill was developed so you can cook amazingly grilled food, indoors. The innovative kitchen grill features advanced infrared heating technology, which cooks your food to perfection while reducing the amount of smoke and oil splattering caused by burning fat. Grill and brown food to tasty perfection all-year-round on the non-stick aluminum grid with virtually no smoke thanks to the Philips Smoke-less Indoor Grill.
Oprah says: “When Adam Glassman said this smokeless indoor grill makes meat and veggies taste like they were cooked over charcoal, I had my doubts—until he made me a burger." ($279.95) Get it here.

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Guilty Pleasures Ultimate Lacquer Stash by butter
About: The Ultimate Lacquer Stash of 24 lacquers of gel-like creme, shimmering crushed diamond infused shades, high-shine hues and glittery finishes. ($160) Get it here.

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Truffle Burger Kit by Urbani
Oprah says: “O my my my—these burgers blended with black truffles are so good! Add dabs of truffle-saturated mustard or ketchup, and your grill game will never be the same." ($62) Get it here.

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Hooded Snuggle Lounger by Softies
About: One touch and you'll fall in love. Experience the dream-like softness of our exquisitely velour Hooded Snuggle Lounger.
Oprah says: “I dare you to talk anybody out of wearing one of these velvety-soft pieces with a cozy kangaroo pocket every wintry weekend." ($95) Get it here.

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Hanukkah Bark and Peppermint Bark by Hilliards Chocolates
About: Blue and white for Hannukah, this limited edition holiday bark is made with Hilliards signature dark chocolate and smooth white chocolate flavored with a touch of natural oil of peppermint to enhance the chocolate flavors—topped with crushed bits of Hilliards handmade blue peppermint candy.
Oprah says: “This made-in-Massachusetts dark chocolate holiday bark is sprinkled with red and green or blue crushed candy, so you can color-coordinate your end-of-year festivities." ($29.95) Get it here.

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Carbonator II by Aarke
About: Making sparkling water at home has never been this elegant. The Aarke Carbonator II is designed from the inside and out to become the slimmest and most compact sparkling water maker in the world.
Oprah says: “Know a family that wants to do away with sugary drinks in plastic bottles? These gadgets turn tap water into seltzer, providing an easy, economical way to tickle your nose." ($199) Get it here.

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See-Ya Suitcase for Kids by Olli Ella
About: Introducing Olli Ella’s new collection of kid-sized luggage, The See-Ya Suitcase! This case can be wheeled to and from airport gates, stations or around the garden by small folk (2-6 years old). Not just for travel, the See-Ya is the perfect place to store treasures and toys, and nothing looks sweeter than one of these trunks in a bedroom or playroom! It includes a retractable handle so that it can be wheeled as well as carried + a built-in elastic band so that your little one's favourite plush toy can come too!
Oprah says: “These sophisticated, lightweight trunks are built for jet-setters with little legs (they stand just 16 inches tall), but they come in gorgeously grown-up hues like rose, mustard, mint, and rust." ($79) Get it here.

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6.5 Gallon Multiflavored Popcorn Tin by Popinsanity
About: Overflowing with 3 popular flavors of our artisanal gourmet popcorn, transforming any table or display into a sight to behold. 6.5 gallon gold popcorn tin—sealed for maximum freshness.
Oprah says: “Pick and choose up to three flavors—I’d recommend sweet and salty, cookies and cream, and caramel-chocolate drizzle—to fill this popcorn tin, which is large enough to feed a small village. What can I say? I love a big can." ($179.95) Get it here.

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Equestrian Fuzzy Slipper Socks
About: Equestrian Fuzzy Slipper Socks If you hate your warm feet hitting the cold floor in the mornings, then these are the socks for you! ($24.99) Get it here.

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Wireless Charging Station by Courant
About: Combining the valet tray concept seamlessly into the wireless charging experience.
Oprah says: “I can’t explain the mechanics behind this plugless charging pad, but I can tell you it will look lovely on your nightstand. In fact, one of these leather-bound miracle devices in white has my name all over it." ($175) Get it here.

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Arc Personal Security System by Katana
About: The KATANA Safety Arc is the only personal safety device and app duo that attaches directly to your smartphone (Android and iOS), empowering you to live your life with confidence and peace of mind.
Oprah says: “It’s a panic button, it’s a GPS tracker, it’s a line to local law enforcement—it’s the Katana Arc, a security system that attaches to your phone and can help fend off danger if, God forbid, you ever find yourself in a scary situation." ($99.99) Get it here.

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AirPods by Apple
About: Just take them out and they’re ready to use with all your devices. Put them in your ears and they connect instantly.
Oprah says: “To live your best life is to live a cord-free life. And I should know: My AirPods, which can recharge in a pocket-size kit, are in either my ears or my purse at all times." ($144.98) Get it here.