December 14 Issue

Dying Shame
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Dying Shame

A farmer from Tamil Nadu wears human skulls during a demonstration in the capital on November 30—a stark dramatization of the country’s agrarian crisis. The state is facing its worst drought in 140 years; the rains stopped in 2014, driving a spike in suicides among farmers. An estimated 15,000 protesters converged on the Ramlila Maidan gathering grounds to demand debt relief and better crop prices.
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The Case for Impeaching Trump

Forget about Russia. A member of the House committee that voted to impeach Richard Nixon argues there’s plenty more for Congress to probe.
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Biden: Trump Admin. Destroyed U.S.-Latin America Ties

Though U.S. relations with Latin America “were not perfect” under the Obama years, the former vice president argued that U.S. allies and trading partners in the hemisphere have faced a “torrent of antagonism” from President Donald Trump.