January 04 Issue

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Combating Fear and Loathing in 2019

There is a path that leaves anger and disgust behind. Moral philosopher Martha C. Nussbaum has spent her career devising a map to get there.
Twist of Faith
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Twist of Faith

Kashmiri Muslim devotees pray outside the Dastgeer Sahib shrine on the anniversary of the birth of 11th-century Sufi preacher Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani on December 19. Thousands of worshippers gathered to celebrate Gilani, who is revered despite never having visited Kashmir.
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Majority of Voters Say Trump Interfered With Mueller

Far more voters say they trust Robert Mueller more than President Donald Trump when it comes to potential 2016 Russian interference, but simultaneously, a large majority of Americans say there is zero chance something in the report could change their view of Trump.