Unique Coffee Rituals From Around The World

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Drinking a cup of coffee in the morning has been a go-to pick-me-up for centuries. Long before Starbucks had a location on every street corner, unique traditions had developed around preparing and serving the daily brew in almost every country. Whether you prefer a coffee spiced with pepper, a half-caf venti no-foam soy latte from your favorite barista; or a coffee with cheese, here's a sampling of caffeinated rituals from across the globe.


1. Café de Olla, Mexico


Made in a clay pot and brewed with an array of spices—cinnamon, raw brown cane sugar and cacao, among others—the drink was originally brewed during the Mexican Revolution to keep up soldiers' spirits.

2. Cafecito, Cuba

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Cafecito is an espresso with crema—syrupy foam made by whipping sugar into the drink. Espresso is inherently social in Cuba, where hosts will always offer a cup to guests. It is best enjoyed among friends, family and long conversation.

3. Café Touba, Senegal


Café Touba takes "spiced" coffee to a new level—it's made with ground selim pepper. Locals drink it both for enjoyment and for medicinal purposes and the drink—often made and sold from street carts—is vital to the economy.

4. Espresso, Italy

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Italian espressos are the original "to go" order. The barista serves the drink in a small glass at a bar, so customers can stand for a minute or two, enjoy their drink and chat before going on their way.

5. Kaisermelange, Austria

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As its name implies, this drink is fit for a king. Kaisermelange is made with a combination of espresso and egg yolk that can be sweetened with honey and spiked with brandy or rum.

6. Kaffeost, Finland


Coffee with cheese? That's right. Scandinavian kaffeost is coffee poured over a piece of dried cheese that soaks in the strong brew and becomes creamy. Be sure to drink it out of a wide wooden mug for the complete experience.

7. Turkish Coffee, Turkey

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Traditionally, fine grounds and sugar are brewed together in a long-handled copper pot called a cezve. The final product is a delightfully foamy, strong and sweet drink served along with a glass of water and a sweet treat—Turkish delight, anyone?

8. Coffee Ceremony, Ethiopia

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A traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony can take hours—from washing and roasting the beans to serving at least three rounds of coffee—and involves traditional dress, incense, elegant pouring and a pinch of salt to bring out the coffee's flavor.

9. Mocha Coffee, Yemen


In the country where Arabic coffee originated, the drink is lightly brewed and can be spiced with cardamom or ginger, which give it a chocolatey aftertaste—without the addition of any actual chocolate. Traditionally served in an ornate pitcher, poured into small, handleless cups and accompanied by dates.

10. 3D-Latte, Japan


Bring your coffee to life with 3D-latte art. Baristas in trendy Japanese cafes double as artists, illustrating characters, famous works of art and photographs in milk froth. They'll even take special requests!