Norman Reedus on 10 Years of 'The Walking Dead' and How Cher Is His Dream Guest on AMC's 'Ride'

Illustration by Britt Spencer

"I'm kind of the guy who, if there was a zombie apocalypse, I'd probably find someplace nice to hide."

Norman Reedus is arguably television's favorite badass. For the past 10 years, he has played Daryl Dixon, the gruff motorcycle-driving Southerner who will do whatever it takes to survive amongst the zombies on AMC's The Walking Dead. But Reedus is quick to point out he's nothing like Daryl. "I'm completely different. I'm a complete neat freak," Reedus says. "I'm kind of the guy who, if there was a zombie apocalypse, I'd probably find someplace nice to hide. I wouldn't have that same bravado as Daryl does." The one similarity the two do share is a love of motorcycles, a love displayed on both The Walking Dead and Reedus' reality show Ride with Norman Reedus, also on AMC, where he invites celebrity guests to ride with him around the world. "It kind of started out as a gearhead show," Reedus says, but over the past four seasons, the show has become "looser" and more "fun," with guests including Marilyn Manson, the late Peter Fonda and Dead co-stars Melissa McBride and Steven Yeun. "It's me being a total goofball the entire time with really cool guests."

Did you think The Walking Dead would last this long when it started?

I don't think any of us had any idea that it would last that long.

What advice would you give people to survive a zombie apocalypse?

Bond together. Find people you can work with and have each other's backs.

What sort of adventures can people expect from the new season of Ride on AMC?

We went to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Uruguay, Costa Rica. A couple of crazy episodes in America. This last season is great. It's my favorite season so far.

Who's your dream guest on Ride?

I want Cher. I always had a crush on Cher. She's just badass. I like her whole vibe. Always have.

Why should fans of The Walking Dead watch Ride?

There's the motorcycle parallel, of course, but it's completely different. On one show I'm very serious, and I have this Southern growl. It's just so intense. Ride is the complete opposite. More than anything, it's just a blast.

What do you think is the appeal of motorcycles?

I find people on motorcycles just like the sense of being on two wheels. You go through a town, you smell the town, you can see it from all angles. There's a sense of freedom that you don't get in a car where you just don't see the world.