Far Out Sightings: Where UFOs May Have Been Spotted

Unidentified flying objects CREDIT: KTSDESIGN/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY/Getty

Since ancient times, humans have been fascinated by the possibility of life in space. Although nothing conclusive has yet been discovered, there are numerous mysterious places around the world where people claim to have sighted or encountered signs of aliens. From sphinx-shaped rock formations in Romania, to UFO-themed Australian road stops to a radio telescope in China that listens for intergalactic communications, here are some of the most exciting and mysterious places to search for signs of extraterrestrial life.

The Mountain Sphinx
Bușteni, Romania

The Mountain Sphinx Photo by: porojnicu/Getty

This rock formation high in the mountains of Bucegi Natural Park resembles the Great Sphinx in Egypt. Many legends attempt to explain its origins, with some saying it was carved as a god in ancient times, others stating it was formed naturally by wind, and some even claiming that aliens used this location because it is a powerful source of the earth's energy.

Perm Anomalous Zone
Molebka, Russia

Perm Anomalous Zone Photo by: Aphonua/Getty

Also known as the M-triangle and Russia's Area 51, this is a mysterious, isolated stretch of woods where people have reported their watches stopping, hearing peculiar rushing sounds, seeing unidentified lights and even sighting actual aliens.

Aperture Spherical Telescope
Guizhou, China

Aperture Spherical Telescope Photo by Ou Dongqu/Xinhua via Getty; Xinhua/Ou Dongqu via Getty Images

The world's largest radio telescope, this 1,640-foot-wide dish nestled in the hills searches the skies for dark matter and listens for extraterrestrial communication from alien cultures. Since its completion in 2016, alien life enthusiasts have been eagerly waiting to see what it may detect.

Area 51
Groom Lake, Nevada

Area 51 Photo by: Mario Tama / Getty

Perhaps the most famous spot associated with UFOs and extraterrestrial life, this highly classified military facility has fueled many conspiracy theories due to its secrecy. AREA 51 is rumored to hold a crashed alien ship and the bodies of its passengers and even other alien technology.

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Giant Rock
Mojave Desert, California

Giant Rock Photo By: Julie Holder/Getty

This massive freestanding boulder in the middle of the desert used to be the location of UFO conferences. In the 1950s, a UFO enthusiast lived in a mined-out house under the rock. He claimed to have heard alien communication from an antenna on top of the boulder and even to have entered a spaceship.

San Clemente UFO Trail
San Clemente, Chile

San Clemente UFO Trail Photo by: Christian Handl/Getty

Considered to be the unofficial UFO capital of the world, researchers say that hundreds of sightings have been reported here—as much as one per week. So popular is the area that the Chilean tourism board established an official UFO trail in 2008.

Rendlesham Forest UFO Trail
Suffolk, England

Rendlesham Forest UFO Trail Photo by: Geography Photos/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Forty years ago, men in this remote forest claimed to witness a UFO as it landed in a clearing. In memory of this strange event, the forest now has a public trail that follows the path the men took to investigate what they saw.

Wycliffe Well
Davenport, Australia

Wycliffe Well Photo by: Jenny Evans/Getty Images for SATC

Known as the "UFO Capital of Australia," there have been sightings of UFOs here for decades. Commemorating these encounters with the extraterrestrial, the addition of alien-themed mannequins, gas stations and restaurants give Wycliffe Well the feeling of an abandoned alien theme park.

The graphic below, provided by Statista, illustrates the rising number of UFO sightings around the world. Source: National UFO Reporting Center

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