Patrick Starrr's One/Size Beauty Brand Proves Makeup is 'One Size Fits All'

CUL_PS_Patrick Starrr
Courtesy of Patrick Starrr

"Self-love is the best love."

When it comes to social media, beauty is a mainstay, and within that space there's one person who dominates: Patrick Starrr. "Social media has allowed consumers to find people that look like them to trust a point of view that you may not get from a store employee," he says. That connection with his YouTube audience inspired Starrr to launch One/Size Beauty. The idea for an inclusive beauty brand came out of a frustrating shopping experience when Starrr couldn't find any plus-size options. "I can't buy anything here...but I know what I can! Because makeup is one size fits all." Launched just last year, One/Size introduced a series of products, including Turn Up the Base Butter Silk Concealer. YouTube still is a huge part of Starrr's brand because of what the platform does for consumers: "Hundreds and thousands of videos exist on YouTube which makes it an immersive marketplace for consumers to trust." But the journey from YouTube to One/Size Beauty business mogul isn't lost on Starrr, looking back on that day shopping for clothes. He says, "What quickly became a tweet became a trademark and then eventually the mantra of the beauty brand."

Did you expect One/Size Beauty to be as big as it is?

One/Size Beauty was born in July 2020, at the height of COVID-19. Success and visibility was the last thing in my mind at that time. Launching in every single Sephora in North America was such a feat—it was amazing to see now looking back on it. Being a founder and coming from social media definitely played a big role. I had a community I was connected to.

Why is it so important to you for makeup to be so inclusive?

Because I know what it's like to feel excluded. From a young age, I have been bullied and the last choice when it comes to being on teams. Knowing that I have the opportunity to make the rules in my brand is so eye-opening to me. I have a chance to allow anyone and everyone to join the movement, and it means everything to me. The brand's colors are red and pink to represent love for others and self-love. Self-love is the best love.

Out of all your product launches, which one were you most surprised by how fans responded to it?

The Turn Up the Base Butter Silk Concealer! For an influencer to launch in complexion is major. I put so much pressure on myself to create the best concealer—and so far the response has been amazing.

What obstacles did you face launching One/Size during the pandemic?

It was a challenge working together as a team via Zoom because creating a business virtually is not the same. It's very hard because I'm such a people person. For our business in Sephora, not many were able to shop in-store, especially having our beautiful displays and my huge billboard in Times Square! What saved us in terms of visibility and exposure was social media. By 2020, I had been a beauty influencer for eight years and as a "newborn founder," I felt confident I could introduce One/Size Beauty to my audience during that era of COVID.

Why do you think beauty and makeup tutorials are such a hot trend on social media?

Everyone wants to look good and feel confident. It's inspiring. In the 2000s, we came from an era of makeover shows and how the hottest celebs keep up their image. The idea of transformation and attainable beauty became notable in 2007 on YouTube and eventually social media. I started in 2014 and this side of the industry is still going strong a decade later.

How has YouTube (and social media in general) become a big factor in your business?

Once upon a time, everyone didn't trust the internet to shop. Many were used to going to the mall or store for that experience and joy. Over time, social media has shifted the idea of going into the store to going online to buy anything and everything—including makeup. Social media has allowed consumers to find people that look like them to trust a point of view that you may not get from a store employee. Now, hundreds and thousands of videos exist on YouTube, which makes it an immersive marketplace for consumers to trust and shop.

What's a piece of advice for young people interested in makeup?

Build an audience. Have a point of view. Make friends online. Learn about trends. GET ON TIKTOK! [laughs] Be honest. Trust your audience. Build a team you trust...and trust yourself.