The 10 Best Spots on Earth to Watch the Valentine's Day Sunset

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Eiffel tower in the rays of the setting sun on the bank of Seine river with cruise tourist ships Getty

As the sky fills with pinks and purples, it's hard to not be dazzled by the sheer beauty of Mother Nature's sunsets. Enjoying a sunset with a romantic partner can make the occasion more special. Whether it's a natural wonder with a view, one of the world's most iconic landmarks or a casual patio where drinks and conversation go together, the sunset watching spots on this list are perfect for Valentine's Day—or anytime you want a little extra romance.

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Lake Erie sunset at Horseshoe Pond in Presque Isle State Park. Darla Graff/Getty

Sunset Simplicity
Presque Isle State Park
Erie, Pennsylvania

Frequently touted as being one of the best places to see a sunset in the world, this state park is off the radar for most people who don't live in Western Pennsylvania. Swim, bike or play volleyball during the day, then stick around for the real show in one of America's best no-frills destinations. Picnicking is permitted.

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Sunset yoga at Four Seasons Seychelles. Four Seasons

Celebrity Hangout
Four Seasons Resort
Mahé Island, Seychelles

The Seychelles have been a honeymoon spot for celebrities and royals including Prince William and Princess Kate, George and Amal Clooney and Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade. Many of the hotel's villas and suites face the Indian Ocean, a perfect spot for viewing the setting sun, or go beachside.

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Woman sitting on roof of car in Haleakala National Park in Hawaii. CREDIT: Swiss Media Vision Getty

Natural Beauty
Haleakalā National Park
Maui, Hawaii

Visitors are invited to explore the park's volcanos, rain forest and backcountry while seeing species found nowhere else on Earth. Sitting at an altitude of over 10,000 feet, the site is beautiful at sunrise and sunset. Watch the sun set as it rolls into the clouds, as shadows and colors swirl below, serving up the perfect ending to a day together.

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Sunset on the Grand Canyon, Yaki Point, South Rim, Arizona, USA. Lidia Grosso/Getty

Layered Wonder
Grand Canyon

When the sun sets on this natural wonder, the sky's tones highlight the colors of the layers of schist, limestone and sandstone from rim to rim. Yaki Point offers a more secluded viewing spot that is primed for a picnic and the perfect proposal.

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Cartagena, Colombia at sunset showing the old and new city. Getty

Beauty by the Sea
Cartagena Bay Cruise
Cartagena, Colombia

A sunset cruise on the Bay of Cartagena is the perfect way to end your day exploring the city that had its first inhabitants in 4,000 B.C. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has beautiful beaches and an historic old town ready for arm-in-arm wandering. An archipelago, the beautiful Rosario Islands, is a one-hour boat ride from the mainland.

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Paris, France. Getty

Love and Light
Eiffel Tower

Whether you call it the City of Light or the City of Love, both nicknames for Paris hold true when you're on top of the Eiffel Tower with your main squeeze at sunset. Watch the city lights come up as the sun goes down, champagne in hand. Four restaurants are in the space. Plan to reserve your table weeks before arriving in town.

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Borgo Santandrea resort at sunset Borgo Santandrea

Boutique Luxury
Borgo Santandrea
Amalfi, Italy

Resting just 295 feet above sea level, the first new luxury hotel on the Amalfi Coast in 15 years delivers on lots of spots to spend time together, with a view. As the sun sets over the ancient fishing hamlet of Conca dei Marini, guests can view Mother Nature's picture show from their room, on one of the terraces decorated with olive and lemon trees or at the hotel's private beach or oceanfront pool.

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Six Senses Shaharut. Assaf Pinchuk/Six Senses Shaharut

Desert Glow
Six Senses Shaharut
Negev Desert, Israel

This desert haven near the ancient city of Petra, Jordan, is nestled into the cliffside, overlooking orange dunes that take on the sunset's deepest tones before the inky nighttime sky appears. Many of the villas provide stunning views, but for the most romantic experience, book an outdoor table at on-site restaurant Midian and watch the sun go down.

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CÉ LA VI Club Lounge, Singapore. Chris O'Grady/CÉ LA VI Singapore

Location, Location, Location
Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Hot views, cool cocktails and the scene of one of modern cinema's most bougie engagement parties sits on the 57th floor of the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel. Party like you're in Crazy Rich Asians as the sun goes down, or simply enjoy the view (with or without a Singapore Sling in hand). Either way, be sure to grab a photo of your night together to remember.

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An employee looks out from the 32nd floor viewing platform of the Al Faisaliah Tower, as skyscrapers and commercial buildings stand beyond, in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, on Thursday, Dec. 1, 2016. Bloomberg/Getty

Sunset in a Sphere
The Globe, Al Faisaliah Tower
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The 876-foot Al Faisaliah Tower was the first skyscraper built in Saudi Arabia. The viewing platform provides an incredible look at the city, but for a romantic evening, make a reservation at The Globe. This three-story restaurant is housed inside the giant glass sphere atop the tower, surrounding you with the stunning view as you enjoy contemporary European cuisine with impeccable service.

Correction 2/13/2023 12:45 pm: The name of the CÉ LA VI Club Lounge was corrected in its photo caption.