23 Percent of Republican Men Have Favorable View of White Nationalists: Poll

A new poll shows that nearly a quarter of Republican men surveyed said they have either a very or somewhat favorable view of white nationalists in America today, while a double-digit percentage of the GOP male voters have a "very favorable" view of white nationalist groups.

A Morning Consult national tracking poll of 2,000 registered U.S. voters was released Friday and found that voters overall reject white supremacist groups by overwhelming percentages. And large majorities say they've either never heard of or have no opinion of Antifa, a loose-knit group of anti-fascists.

But among Republican-leaning male voters, 23 percent responded that they have a favorable view of white nationalist groups. Eleven percent of Republican men surveyed said they have a "very favorable" view while 12 percent said they are only "somewhat" favorable to white nationalists in the United States.

Seventeen percent of Democrat men in the survey said they have some form of "favorable" view of white nationalist groups.

white nationalist protest demonstration
A new survey shows that some Republican men polled have "favorable" views of white nationalists. Here, a counter demonstrator (R) tries to engage a man in a fist fight near a "White Lives Matter" rally on April 11, 2021, in Huntington Beach, California. DAVID MCNEW / Contributor/Getty Images

The poll showed that Republican men outweighed self-described "conservative" men in offering support to white nationalist groups by sizable percentages. And only about half of GOP women who were surveyed expressed any positive views of white nationalists compared to their male counterparts.

Only 7 percent of overall registered U.S. voters said they have a favorable view of white supremacists—several percentage points lower than so-called white nationalists.

On the other hand, the survey found a more than two-thirds majority of both Republican men and women said they have a "very unfavorable" view of Antifa. And even among Democrats and Independents, Antifa barely registered any support above single-digit percentiles. Significantly more Americans from all political affiliations in the survey said they'd either never heard of Antifa or simply had no opinion of the group.

Overall, numbers have remained fairly constant since President Joe Biden took office in January, with the Morning Consult survey showing a dead-even, 50-50 split among registered voters in terms of Biden's job approval. A 57 percent majority of U.S. voters said they believe the country is currently on the "wrong track" compared to 43 percent who say America is headed in the right direction. Millennials were the only demographic which had a slight majority say the U.S. is on the "right" track today.

More than two-thirds of registered voters overall said they view the January 6 U.S. Capitol attacks as not good at all, but that number falls to just half among Republican men.

The Morning Consult national tracking poll was conducted among 2,000 registered voters between July 28 and July 29. Newsweek reached out to the survey organizers Saturday afternoon for any additional context or data from the group's latest publication.