2K Foundations Brings 'NBA 2K19-Quality' Basketball Courts to Cities in Need

On Tuesday, 2K Games announced the establishment of 2K Foundations. The new charitable organization will rejuvenate basketball courts and community learning centers in 12 U.S. cities, including Cincinnati, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Chicago and Cleveland within its first year of operation. You can see an example of the brand-new Cincinnati court in the video below.

As with any good charitable organization, 2K Foundations its not without its share of devoted partners. For the Lincoln Recreational Center courts specifically, the game publisher joined forces with court refurbishers Project Backboard and local artist Adrienne Gaither to create a unique play space complete with 2K logos and NBA-regulation lines.

For 2K Senior Vice President of Basketball Operations Jason Argent, the new foundation is all about giving back to the fans. "2K Foundations is inspired by the basketball community and passionate NBA 2K fans who have been enthusiastic about their love for the game over the last two decades," he said in a press release. "Basketball has been so good to us, and we want to pay it forward to the communities that need it most, by helping to enhance the lives of youth both on the court and in the classroom ."

In addition to refurbishing basketball courts, 2K Foundations will also offer communities resources to host tournaments and encourage learning and diversity through STEM. Microsoft has offered its support by donating Xbox One S consoles to these educational spaces.

One of the hallmark features of NBA 2K19 is its insane park designs that change for limited online events. Now those arenas of dreams have become reality for America's suffering neighborhoods. Especially for gamers who grumble about NBA 2K19's insane VC prices, it helps to know at least some of that money is going toward a worthy cause.

What are your thoughts on 2K Games' establishment of 2K Foundations? Which courts would you like to see refurbished? Tell us in the comments section!