300 Teens And Children Fight Near Atlanta Shopping Mall, Leaving 13-year-old Injured

A 13-year-old boy was injured after a fight involving around 300 teenagers and children broke out in a shopping district in Atlanta, Georgia at the weekend.

Officers were called to Atlantic Station after the brawl broke out among a crowd near the shopping destination's bowling alley at around 6.30 p.m. on Saturday, WSB-TV reported.

When police arrived at the scene, they found a fight that involved hundreds of minors.

A video posted on social media of the incident showed dozens of juveniles running along a bridge near Atlantic Station.


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According to Atlanta Police, the large group of juveniles began fighting "over what appears to be an ongoing dispute between the males."

Several teenagers fled the scene, but police detained one boy who they said was the "primary aggressor."

The injured boy was taken to hospital. According to WXIA-TV, police said he suffered a seizure during the dispute and was in a stable condition.

His family told WSB-TV that he will recover from his injuries, but said he had been viciously attacked and robbed.

His mother, Iresha Ridley, said he was an innocent victim and didn't know the teenagers who attacked him. "I was devastated," she told WSB-TV. "My son [has] never even been in a fight before."

She said her son, who was not named, was left with a swollen nose, cuts and abrasions after being attacked.

Ridley and Tanisha Smith, the boy's aunt, called for Atlantic Station to impose age restrictions to prevent another similar incident.

"There just needs to be something in place where they can just come together and realize it's not OK to hurt one another," Smith told the station.

A spokesperson for Atlantic Station told WXIA-TV that they are looking into the incident.

Some people took to social media to criticize the parents of the teenagers involved in the fight, noting that the children should not have been permitted to roam unsupervised, especially during a pandemic.

"There is no damn reason for so many teens to be unsupervised in a public place whether they were fighting or not, especially with a pandemic," one person tweeted.

Others suggested that the teenagers involved could be responsible for spreading the coronavirus in the coming days.

Atlantic Station and the Atlanta Police Department have been contacted for additional comment.

Stock photo. Police said a fight involving 300 teenagers broke out near Atlantic Station in Atlanta, Georgia. Getty