34 Perfect White Elephant Gift Ideas Under $25

perfect white elephant gift ideas - toiletpaper
Here are the best white elephant gifts under $25 to give in 2020. Amazon

The best White Elephant gift ideas are affordable and fun. The perfect White Elephant gift may even include a prank or something a little edgy. We've never participated in a White Elephant gift exchange that hasn't gotten extremely competitive, and we take pride in bringing our "A game" even for this type of gift exchange.

A White Elephant gift exchange isn't like a typical gift swap or Secret Santa. This typically starts with one person choosing a gift, and then the next person can steal that gift or open something new. Nothing is safe until the end of the exchange.

There are two kinds of White Elephant gift-givers. The first type reaches into their closet and finds something random that they likely pull out something they want to regift from last year or even the previous exchange. The second type, which is you, wants to pick a creative and fun gift that is still in the exchange theme. However, you don't have a lot of time to scour the internet for the perfect mix of funny, useful and memorable that you are going for.

That's where we come in with our pro-level White Elephant gifts under $25. We guarantee that your gift will be the one that people fight over when you shop from our picks.

  1. Moving and Talking Bird Beak Mask—$25
  2. Squatty Potty—$15.99
  3. Dumpster Fire Candle—$5.39 and Up
  4. Desk Punching Bag—$19.95
  5. Avocado Vase—$19.99
  6. Used Bowling Pin—$21.49
  7. Traverse City Whiskey Cocktail Cherries—$19.95
  8. Toilet Paper—$24.99
  9. Portable Phone Charger—$21.99
  10. Manscaped Crop Preserver—$12.99
  11. Sandal Socks—$10.75
  12. Bob Ross Bobblehead—$8.14
  13. Echo Dot—$24.99
  14. Handicorn—$14.45
  15. TriceraTaco Holder—$14.98
  16. Baby Yoda Bluetooth Speaker—$15.99
  17. Bubble Wrap Calendar—$24.99
  18. Wool Dryer Balls—$16.95
  19. Adulting Stickers—$9.99
  20. One Chip Challenge—$24.45
  21. Shower Wine or Beer Holder—$14.99
  22. TikTok Famous Microwave Popcorn Popper—$12.99
  23. 5 Pounds of Runts Candy—$25
  24. Desk Foot Hammock—$22.78
  25. Microwave S'mores Maker—$8.29
  26. Movie Night Box—$24.99
  27. LED Message Box—$17.98
  28. Crafting With Cat Hair—$11.70
  29. Celebrity Sequin Pillows—$10.99
  30. Thanos Bottle Opener—$12.98
  31. Hidden Flasks—$9.99 and Up
  32. Mini Waffle Maker—$21.84
  33. Bourbon Lip Balm—$6.50
  34. Tortilla Blanket—$18.99

You can use the shortlist above to go straight to buying the best White Elephant gift for your exchange or scroll down to read more about each of the items.

Moving and Talking Bird Beak Mask—$25

perfect white elephant gift ideas - mask
This bird beak mask is the ultimate White Elephant gift for 2020. Etsy

Everyone is wearing masks, but there is no rule that your mask can't be fun. This mask features a beak that moves when you talk. It's hilarious, and it's a gift that people will definitely fight over. Whether they wear it to the next meeting, to teach in or to the store, it is sure to draw attention and cause laughter.

Buy at Etsy.

Squatty Potty—$15.99

perfect white elephant gift ideas Squatty potty
Give the gift of a better go with a Squatty Potty. Amazon

The Squatty Potty is a stool that you put in front of your toilet to help you go number two better. This is the perfect mix of hilarious and useful. It's not just a gag gift. It actually helps with bowel movements by mimicking a natural squat that unkinks your colon. The more you know!

Buy at Amazon.

Dumpster Fire Candle—$5.39 and Up

perfect white elephant gift ideas - candle
Add a tea light to complete this 2020 dumpster fire candle. Etsy

It's been a real year, and for many, 2020 is a dumpster fire. Now you can give the gift of a dumpster fire candle or a tea light dumpster fire candle holder for $5 and up. Etsy offers many options, and there are even ornaments if you don't trust an open flame in 2020 either.

Buy at Etsy.

Desk Punching Bag—$19.95

perfect white elephant gift desk punching bag
This desk punching bag is perfect for at home or in the office. Amazon

Clamp this punching bag to the edge of the desk and relieve stress. This is the perfect White Elephant gift for your work exchange, and it's also a hit for a work from home office. This model also features a suction cup if the desk's edge is too close to the wall. Just make sure you end the Zoom meeting before you go to work on it.

Buy at Amazon.

Avocado Vase—$19.99

perfect white elephant gift desk avocado vase
Give the gift of an Avocado vase for a little taste of 2020. Amazon

Everyone is growing avocado trees this year. It's been one of the big quarantine to-do tasks. If, like us, you just discovered this trend in December, you can still cash in on this trend with a must-have White Elephant gift.

Buy at Amazon.

Used Bowling Pin—$21.49

perfect white elephant gift bowling pin
A bowling pin is unique and sure to be a memorable White Elephant gift. Amazon

One of our friends loves to bring a bowling pin to a White Elephant gift exchange. It's odd enough that it stands out and just familiar enough that someone will fight over it. Plus, if you choose this gift every year, eventually, someone will try to make a full set.

Buy at Amazon.

Traverse City Whiskey Cocktail Cherries—$19.95

perfect white elephant gift cocktail cherries
Upgrade their cocktail game with premium cocktail cherries. Amazon

Stand out with a gift cocktail lovers will fight over at the party. Bright red maraschino cherries aren't worth putting in a good drink. The Travers City Whiskey Co. premium cocktail cherries are larger and taste delicious. They are perfect for making an Old-Fashioned or for putting on an ice cream sundae.

Buy at Amazon.

Toilet Paper—$24.99

perfect white elephant gift toilet paper amazon
Toilet paper is the ultimate White Elephant gift idea for 2020. Amazon

The best White Elephant gift for 2020 is surprisingly useful and potentially hard to find — toilet paper. You can score this locally, or you can pick up a 24 pack on Amazon for under $25, which is actually a deal in 2020.

Buy at Amazon.

Portable Phone Charger—$21.99

perfect white elephant gift phone charger
Give a much traded for White Elephant gift with this charger. Amazon

For about $20, you can bring an Anker battery charger to the White Elephant gift exchange. This model offers 10,000mAh of power and works with iPhone and Android devices. It charges by USB C and can charge devices with USB C or standard USB, but they will need to supply the cable to charge their phone.

Buy at Amazon.

Manscaped Crop Preserver—$12.99

perfect white elephant gift crop preserver
Crop Preserver is hilariously named and sure to draw a laugh and actually get used. Manscaped

Manscaped Crop Preserver is a hilarious and useful gift that is sure to bring laughter and smiles to whoever opens it. This is a deodorant and moisturizer that can help prevent chafing while running or at the gym or even keep them cool under pressure while on Zoom calls all day long.

Buy at Manscaped.

Sandal Socks—$10.75

perfect white elephant gift sandal socks
Give the gift of wearing socks and sandals with this gift. Amazon

Sandals and socks are a fashion faux pas, but what about sandal socks? These funny socks put sandals on your socks. They are perfect for wearing around home this winter and are sure to be one of the gifts that get stolen during the exchange.

Buy at Amazon.

Bob Ross Bobblehead—$8.14

perfect white elephant gift bob ross bobblehead
A talking Bob Ross bobblehead with landscapes? So no more. Amazon

This Bob Ross Bobblehead is a sure-fire top pick at your White Elephant gift exchange. The bobblehead includes 10 different Bob Ross sayings, and there is a small flip book of 30 Bob Ross landscapes to put next to the bobblehead.

Buy at Amazon.

Echo Dot—$24.99

perfect white elephant gift Alexa echo dot
Give the gift of Alexa at your White Elephant exchange. Amazon

The Echo Dot 3rd Generation is a handy White Elephant gift that we think will get traded around as the game goes on. This handy little gadget can control a smart home, play music and even act as a Bluetooth speaker. Choose the white color option to match the theme of the party.

Buy at Amazon.


perfect white elephant gift handicorn
The Handicorn is a unicorn hand puppet that is sure to deliver laughs. Amazon

The Handicorn is a unicorn hand puppet that is hilariously fun and whimsical enough that people will remember it. This fun toy is handy for a desk at work or at home and will definitely appear on Zoom calls.

Buy at Amazon.

TriceraTaco Holder—$14.98

perfect white elephant gift tricerataco taco holder
Dinosaur shaped taco holders are always a hit. Amazon

This TriceraTaco holder is a dinosaur-shaped taco holder that features room for two tacos per holder. If you want to spend a little more, there is a Tacosaurus Rex or even a Nachosaurus for chips, guac and salsa. This is a fun gift that will be a hot item to steal.

Buy at Amazon.

Baby Yoda Bluetooth Speaker—$15.99

perfect white elephant gift bluetooth speaker
Whether you call him The Child or Baby Yoda, this is a Bluetooth speaker that people will trade for. Amazon

Whether you are a Mandalorian watcher, or just obsessed with Baby Yoda, aka The Child, this is a fun White Elephant gift. If they end up buying a second, they can even pair them in stereo mode. Given how hot Baby Yoda gifts are this year, we expect to see this speaker be stolen during the exchange.

Buy at Amazon.

Bubble Wrap Calendar—$24.99

perfect white elephant gift bubble wrap calendar
This bubble wrap calendar is perfect for taking out some frustration on as you pass a day. Amazon

We've all been counting down the days until 2020 is over, and now you can give someone the opportunity to pop away the days of 2021. No matter which direction 2021 goes, this is sure to be appreciated in the home office.

Buy at Amazon.

Wool Dryer Balls—$16.95

perfect white elephant gift dryer balls
Dryer balls sound like a novelty gift, but they are actually an awesome laundry hack. Amazon

These Wool Dryer Balls from Smart Sheep will undoubtedly result in a few laughs, but they aren't a gag gift. They actually speed up drying and are a natural fabric softener. Who doesn't need something to make this year a little softer?

Buy at Amazon.

Adulting Stickers—$9.99

perfect white elephant gift adult stickers
Who doesn't need a sticker to celebrate the little wins this year. Amazon

Remember when you used to get a sticker for doing a good job in school? OK, maybe you weren't part of the participation generation, but the odds are good that someone at the party will appreciate stickers for handling adulting, especially this year.

Buy at Amazon.

One Chip Challenge—$24.45

perfect white elephant gift one chip challenge
The One Chip Challenge chips are super spicy and fun for the rest of the group to watch. Amazon

Bring the heat to your White Elephant party. Literally. The Paqui One Chip Challenge is a single tortilla chip that is so hot that many people can't finish it. The blue corn chip is coated in seasoning from the Carolina Reaper pepper. Just make sure that you film whoever takes this one home eating it.

Buy at Amazon.

Shower Wine or Beer Holder—$14.99

perfect white elephant gift shower beer wine
Give the gift of safety with a shower beer holder or shower wine holder. Amazon

Who doesn't need a shower beer or shower wine this year? These handy drink holders attach to your shower wall to keep your beer can or wine glass safe while you wash away the day—the only responsible way to enjoy a shower beer.

Buy at Amazon.

TikTok Famous Microwave Popcorn Popper—$12.99

perfect white elephant gift microwave popcorn maker
This is the microwave popcorn maker everyone on Tik Tok keeps raving about. Amazon

If you've watched any amount of Tik Tok this year, you've seen someone making microwave popcorn in a small container and saying it changed their life. This is that container, and the other Tik Tok watchers in your group will be fighting over this. Pop in some kernels and a little butter, and bam, you have perfect popcorn.

Buy at Amazon.

5 Pounds of Runts Candy—$25

perfect white elephant gift runts
Who wouldn't fight over five pounds of Runts? Amazon

Amazon offers great deals on bulk candy, and this five-pound bag of Runts candy is the perfect White Elephant gift. The only better option is bulk banana Runts, but that's just mean. It's up to you if you want to attach a toothbrush to the outside of this packaging.

Buy at Amazon.

Desk Foot Hammock—$22.78

perfect white elephant gift foot hammock
This under the desk foot hammock looks like a novelty, but it's actually really handy. Amazon

A Desk Foot Hammock is the perfect White Elephant gift this year. It's ideal for at home since it adapts to all kinds of desks. This gift set even includes a headphone holder and a phone stand. A foot hammock is great for people who like to keep their feet up while they work.

Buy at Amazon.

Microwave S'mores Maker—$8.29

perfect white elephant gift smores maker
This microwave s'mores maker is going to see a lot of use by whoever takes it home. Amazon

Fun kitchen gadgets that fill a single task are always a White Elephant gift that gets stolen repeatedly. This microwave S'mores maker is the perfect fit. You can even add in S'mores ingredients if you are feeling generous. Pop this gadget in the microwave, and it makes S'mores in 30 seconds.

Buy at Amazon.

Movie Night Box—$24.99

perfect white elephant gift movie box
Give the gift of a perfect movie night at home for your White Elephant gift. Amazon

Whether you buy this box or head to your local dollar store, a movie night gift box is a perfect White Elephant gift, especially this year. Popcorn, candy and a Redbox code complete this gift, but you can also go with an iTunes or another gift card for a rental.

Buy at Amazon.

LED Message Box—$17.98

perfect white elephant gift might message board
This light up message board is fun for entryways or as a Zoom background. Amazon

This Cinema LightBox is a fun way to add a little flair to a room or the back of a Zoom call. They can add some zest to a work call or make it look like they have their home altogether when on a Zoom date.

Buy at Amazon.

Crafting with Cat Hair—$11.70

perfect white elephant gift cat hair crafts
This book is funny, and it could help pass time this winter. Amazon

This book teaches you how to make crafts with cat hair. It's hilarious and potentially useful. This is a gift that your group will surely think of at least one friend or office mate when it is opened, and it's ripe for regifting. Fun, functional and potentially a great way to waste time indoors during the winter.

Buy at Amazon.

Celebrity Sequin Pillows—$10.99

perfect white elephant gift celebrity sequin pillow
This looks like a sequin pillow, but hidden underneath is a celebrity like Danny DeVito or Nicolas Cage. Amazon

You can buy a surprising number of sequin pillows with celebrity faces on them. While Danny DeVito and Nicolas Cage are at the top of the list, you can also find Jeff Goldblum and many others. When the sequins are in one direction, it looks like a regular pillow, and then when you run your hands across them, a celebrity appears.

Buy at Amazon.

Thanos Bottle Opener—$12.98

perfect white elephant gift Thanos bottle opener
It won't make half of the bottle caps disappear, but this Thanos bottlle opener will be a sought after gift. Amazon

For the Marvel fans at your White Elephant party, this Thanos bottle opener is a perfect option that will be stolen over and over. The only downside is that it isn't wearable, but it is still an epic Marvel gift that won't break the bank.

Buy at Amazon.

Hidden Flasks—$9.99 and Up

perfect white elephant gift hidden flask
A hidden flask is sure to be stolen at your White Elephant exchange. Amazon

While there are fewer places that we need to sneak booze into right now, these hidden flasks are always a hit at gift exchanges. From umbrellas and brushes to fake sunscreen, there are a lot of options to fit any situation.

Buy at Amazon.

Mini Waffle Maker—$21.84

perfect white elephant gift mini waffle maker
This little waffle maker is cute and perfect for solo waffles or keto "chaffles". Amazon

Mini waffle makers are huge right now. They are handy for making a few quick waffles for one or two. They are also big in the keto community to make "chaffles" as a bread substitute for sandwiches. There are many different colors and styles to choose from.

Buy at Amazon.

Bourbon Lip Balm—$6.50

perfect white elephant gift bourbon chapstick
The perfect gift for a bourbon lover. Amazon

While you may not be able to bring bourbon to your White Elephant gift exchange, you can offer up bourbon lip balm made with vitamin E, cocoa butter, shea butter, aloe butter, hemp oil, beeswax and zinc oxide. This is an affordable option that someone will love to take home.

Buy at Amazon.

Tortilla Blanket—$18.99

perfect white elephant gift tortilla blanker
Someone will become a burrito with this tortilla blanket. Amazon

Whether they use it to make themselves into a burrito for Tik Tok or just as a funny blanket to keep on the couch, this is one of the ultimate fought over White Elephant gift ideas. This blanket is 60 inches in diameter, but there are other sizes available.

Buy at Amazon.

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