What to Watch on 4/20: Six Stoner Movies for Marijuana Holiday

As the cannabis industry continues to grow across America, so have the many ways in which consumers celebrate marijuana's biggest holiday, 4/20.

Some people will host pot parties equipped with ganja games and wide varieties of marijuana products for friends to indulge in, while others may spend the afternoon blazing hash in the sun among fellow cannabis enthusiasts at parks in states where it is legal to do so. Some revelers may even throw lavish dinners with impressive menu items infused with the ancient plant.

However, there are those who may choose to spend Friday, April 20, the old fashioned way: in the comfort of their own home, firing up their own stash and binge-watching stoner flicks. And there are certainly enough marijuana-friendly films to keep consumers on a daylong high. Check out our top six picks below.

Up in Smoke: Starring comedic duo Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, the 1978 film has long been considered the crown jewel of stoner comedies. The first of its kind, the movie follows two characters, the jobless Anthony "Man" Stoner and Pedro de Pacas, as they face a number of interesting challenges during their journey to procure weed.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: Take a trip with Raoul Duke (Johnny Depp) and Dr. Gonzo (Benicio del Toro) as they journey to Las Vegas to cover a news story while under the influence of several psychoactive drugs in this insanely trippy 1998 film.

Friday: What happens when you get fired on your day off? If you're Craig Jones (Ice Cube), you get high for the first time with your best friend and neighborhood stoner, Smokey (Chris Tucker). The day is likely to see a few challenges that you'll have to iron out while under the influence, which is exactly what happens in the 1995 comedy.

Pineapple Express: The 2004 flick follows the story of process server Dale Denton (Seth Rogan), who witnesses a man's murder and later finds himself—and his weed dealer, Saul Silver (James Franco)—on the run from a dangerous kingpin after the killer traces a roach loaded with a strain of Pineapple Express pot back to Dale and Saul.

Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle: All Harold Lee (John Cho) and Kumar Patel (Kal Penn) want to do is go to White Castle after smoking marijuana. However, their trip to the popular fast food chain turns into a night full of misadventures in this 2004 film after they discover their beloved White Castle has been turned into a Burger Shack.

Half Baked: After Kenny (Harland Davis) is arrested for mistakenly killing a police horse by feeding it junk food, his buddies Scarface (Guillermo Diaz), Brian (Jim Breuer) and Thurgood (Dave Chappelle) launch a lucrative business—selling pot stolen from a pharmaceutical lab where Thurgood works—to bail him out. Of course, they face a series of unfortunate events after their popular pot catches the attention of envious drug dealers in this 1998 comedy.