4 Arrested in Times Square After March Supporting Ferguson

Hands up don't shoot
A man holds his hands up during a peaceful demonstration, as communities react to the shooting of Michael Brown in New York's Union Square Park August 14, 2014. Brendan McDermid/Reuters

Demonstrators gathered for a peaceful vigil in New York's Union Square on Thursday evening, in solidarity with the town of Ferguson, Missouri, and five days of protests there following the shooting of 18-year-old Michael Brown on Saturday.

Chanting "hands up, don't shoot," protesters marched uptown towards Times Square, where at least four were arrested in an argument with police. As seen on a livestream from the scene, police corralled demonstraters and let them out five at a time. One of the persons arrested has been identified as Jason J. Woody.

Cops just arrested two black guys at 42nd and 9th. Doesn't feel right to use #nmos14 hashtag anymore,… http://t.co/IMJ1aU8cb4

— Sarah Milstein (@SarahM) August 15, 2014

Protesters chanting in New York City: “Whose streets? Our streets” http://t.co/ESl4zWXbWr pic.twitter.com/ELy2PC1NIj

— Jim Dalrymple II (@Dalrymple) August 15, 2014

Those marching from Union Square to Times Square could be heard chanting: "no justice, no peace, take it to the streets, fuck the police."

"No justice, no peace. Take it to the streets and fuck the police" marching at #NMOS14 #Ferguson Union Square pic.twitter.com/j14oLicgFz

— Lainna Fader 🦋 (@lainnafader) August 14, 2014

In Union Square, activists held up powerful signs and motioned together, saying "hands up, don't shoot."

"We need each other to survive." Powerful. #NMOS14 #Ferguson Union Sq pic.twitter.com/uu28sbJV17

— Lainna Fader 🦋 (@lainnafader) August 14, 2014