5 Best-Selling Minivans in The US in 2021

2021 Chrysler Pacifica
Chrysler has added the range-topping Pinnacle trim level to its minivan in recent months. Stellantis

Minivan drivers seem to fall into two categories: those that love the utility a van provides and those that wish they had an SUV but begrudgingly admit that the minivan is more than equal to the task of hauling around their family.

As SUVs have become more popular over the last decade, minivans have lost some of their audience. Still, they've found buyers and right now dealer lots are scarce of inventory.

In the last year, every new minivan on sale in the U.S. has been either refreshed or redesigned. The Kia Sedona was born anew as the Kia Carnival. Honda and Chrysler gave their Odyssey and Pacifica facelifts. The Toyota Sienna was completely redesigned.

Dodge recently stopped making the Grand Caravan, although a few remain available to buyers as the inventory clears.

Scroll down to see the best-selling minivans in the U.S. this year.

No. 5 - Dodge Grand Caravan

2020 Dodge Grand Caravan
The last Dodge Grand Caravan has been made. Stellantis

2,867 sold in 2021

The last model year of the Dodge Grand Caravan was 2020. The low-priced model has been pushed out by Stellantis in favor of the Chrysler Pacifica and its budget-friendly version, the Chrysler Voyager. Though economical, the Grand Caravan doesn't have the safety or infotainment features that its successors have.

No. 4 - Kia Carnival

2022 Kia Carnival
Kia introduced the Carnival in the U.S. for the 2022 model year. Kia America

11,859 sold in 2021

Sales of the Kia Carnival, which the automaker says is a multi-purpose vehicle rather than a minivan, aren't as impressive as those of its domestic rivals. However, even in an inventory downturn, the thoughtfully designed Carnival is already out-selling the previous Sedona. Buyers are likely attracted to its full-size SUV-like appearance, including an interior where the driver and front passenger are seated more like they are in a Kia Sorento SUV than in the typical minivan.

No. 3 - Honda Odyssey

2021 Honda Odyssey
The Honda Odyssey recently underwent a mid-generation refresh. American Honda Motor Co., Inc

47,556 sold in 2021

Honda has shored up the few quibbles customers had with the model as part of a mid-cycle refresh. The Odyssey is better to drive than before and comes with a fresh face, all while retaining the hallmark functionality that the Odyssey traditionally offers.

No. 2 - Chrysler Pacifica

2021 Chrysler Pacifica
Chrysler sells the Pacifica minivan, pictured here, and its lower-priced version the Chrysler Voyager. Stellantis

47,571 sold in 2021

Chrysler doesn't specify which of its minivan sales are Pacifica and which are Voyager, instead filing them all under the Pacifica name. The sales number you see here is reflective of that practice.

With its sleek new face and high-end Pinnalcle trim level, the Chrysler Pacifica is pushing the premium boundaries offered by traditional minivans. The Pacifica remains the only new plug-in hybrid minivan available for sale in the U.S.

The Voyager is a budget-friendly take on the Pacifica aimed to fill the gap where the Grand Caravan once stood. Don't think of it as a stripped down version of the Pacifica. Instead, check out the designer's use of lower-cost yet durable fabrics and a perfectly functional infotainment system that isn't cutting edge, both of which help make the model more affordable.

No. 1 - Toyota Sienna

2021 Toyota Sienna
The Toyota Sienna was recently redesigned, emerging as a hybrid minivan. Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.

57,642 sold in 2021

As part of its generational switchover, the Toyota Sienna is now only sold as a hybrid. The van's looks were redesigned with inspiration from the Shinkansen. Inside, Toyota engineers put utility first, packing the cabin with gobs of usable passenger and cargo space.

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