5 Hilariously Cute Times Animals Acted Like Humans

For many pet owners, their furry (or feathered) friend is as much a part of their family as any human. While of course there are stark differences between animals and their owners (ie: drinking water from a bowl, walking on all fours and sometimes flying) our pets can sometimes take on human-like attributes.

From house cats sitting in the driver's seat of a car to a dog who has figured out how to talk to its owner, these videos show just how human-like some pets can become.

Driving Cat

The account @buster_and_brothers on TikTok chronicles the (nine) lives of "Buster the Junkyard Cat" and his brothers as they make their way through the world — and the junkyard they spend much of their time in. In this one particular video, Buster is seen sitting in the driver's seat of a truck climbing up on the wheel as if he were steering.

Talking Dog

While there are many videos of dogs making sounds that their owners might decipher as "good morning" or "I love you," this video shows a dog using a much more sophisticated method of communication. This tool allows dogs to talk to their owners by pressing buttons that correspond to a word.

The pup can then learn to link sentences together thus communicate more clearly to their owners. In this adorable video, the dog is asking his "mommy" for a treat — just like a human toddler might.

"Alexa, Please Stop!"

This bird has some sass. While parrots are famous for being able to talk, this African Grey, Cairo, has quite the vocabulary. The account @feathersandfriends chronicles his antics interacting with cats Max and Kitty. In this video, he gets tired of hearing the song "This Is What you Came For" and tells Alexa, Amazon's virtual assistant to "Please Stop."

Jumping Kitty

Cats often have a reputation for being the more laid-back choice when it comes to dogs versus cats. Well, those perceptions might be tossed out the window once you get a look at this feline. Cats, of course, get around using all four legs though this kitty has managed to learn how to jump around on just their hind legs standing up like a human.

TV Watching Pup


Came home to my dog watching doggy TV like a human & so dang happy about it 🥰 #goldenboy #goldenretrieverlife #goldenretriever #fyp #foryoupage

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It's not uncommon for furry friends to snuggle up next to their owners when watching a movie but this pup was happy watching TV all on his own. In this video, the dog owner walks into the living room to find the golden retriever propped up watching "doggy TV" looking very comfortable.

Golden Retriever
Pets are usually a big part of the household but sometimes, they can take it a step further and act like the humans in that household. gorodenkoff/Getty Images