5 Internet Floofs For You to Pet Through The Screen This National Puppy Day

If there's something that can cheer most of the world up, it's a happy dog. It's time to celebrate man (and woman's) best friend for the best holiday of the year: International Puppy Day.

Sure, this holiday would be a lot more fun if you could interact with every adorable puppy you passed, but with coronavirus social distancing, that's not possible this year. Luckily, social media is full of cute, funny and unique dogs to keep you entertained and filled with joy throughout the day.

This is also a great time to share photos and videos of your own dogs with your followers, just to bring a little extra dose of happiness to their day.

Whether you've got a real-life dog to snuggle and celebrate with, or just want to show a little bit of appreciation for the best side of the internet, here are some of the best dog accounts you can follow on Instagram this International Puppy Day.

Bulldog puppy
Bulldog puppy Winter attends the American Kennel Club Top Breeds of 2014 reveal at AKC Headquarters on February 26, 2015, in New York City. Jenny Anderson/WireImage/Getty


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First fings first!

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Tiktok star Tatum may be the new reason that you smile every day. The ultra-loveable pup is opinionated and brave. Tatum shares his thoughts both on Tiktok and Instagram, and recently, took viewers inside his quest to become a sled dog. Soon after trying, though, Tatum realized it wasn't his passion.

Follow Tatum, and you'll surely love him as much as he loves Sugar Nuggets.


What's better than one dachshund? Two!

Crusoe is already a famous author, and his partner in crime Daphne is guilty of nothing but being perfect. Always ready to provide some welcomed attitude, the pair are a no brainer to celebrate on International Puppy Day.


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Fear is tricky. It can be crippling and it can oddly be comforting. Comforting because it tells me how I should feel, and if I feel a certain way, then I feel justifiably ok. But fear is most definitely uncertain. It’s something that feels uncontrollable, and can seemingly feel very real. But oftentimes, it’s just our imagination or the onslaught of the media that amplifies it, only making matters worse. And that’s when it becomes overwhelming. That’s when it becomes crippling. So I try my best not to partner with fear, even if sometimes I find that it’s my tendency to grip to it, as if it’s fears role to comfort me. As if! It’s just the opposite. Fear has no place in my life, and if it’s there, it’s because I’ve invited it in. I’ve allowed it to control me and comfort me. But on the contrary, it’s my faith that comforts me. In all times, but especially in uncertain, fear-induced times, those are the moments I find myself clinging to my faith; namely, my faith in Jesus. I find myself partnering with Him when I don’t have the answers. When I’m scared. When I feel vulnerable. There is a scripture I repeat often in Proverbs in those moments: “Trust in the Lord with all your heart. Lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways, acknowledge Him. And He will make your paths straight.” In times of uncertainty, my reliance is dependant on Jesus. My tendency is to trust Him with all of my heart, and to lean not on my own understanding, or misunderstanding, for that matter. The latter doesn’t benefit me. Ever! It only causes me to become more fearful, and I don’t want to give fear any power or authority over me. It’s not invited in my life. But this isn’t just about me. (Continued in the comments)

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Viral dog Tuna is known for setting the beauty standards for the ultra-trendy overbite. Tuna is sure to melt your heart with his love of Colin, his favorite stuffed animal (who his owners keeps in ready supply). Not only is Tuna a lovable floof, but he's also bound to become an international fashion icon.


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My dog crew 🐻👑🐭🐒 I haven’t introduced them in some time so I thought a few words about each might help you to know them better 😊 Rowan, aka Ro Ro, Little Bear, 🐻...well, he’s the baby. He’s a 5 month old Bernese Mountain Dog with the sweetest personality and an old soul. I hesitated for a long time using the bear emoji since it belonged to Finn. But the longer I waited, the more I knew it was the only one for Ro and I know Finn would approve, at least until they come out with a black bear emoji 🖤 Freya, aka Foofy, Foofy Doo, The Queen, 👑 Freya is a 5 year old (6 in May) Great Dane. She is such a mix of things. On one hand, she can be bold and brave around the horses, but then tuck tail and run from the vacuum 🤷🏻‍♀️ She’s super athletic and her favorite thing to do is run full out through the fields at the farm. She’s silly, goofy, sweet and regal. She is extremely gentle and careful with the Littles. She checks multiple times before getting on furniture to be sure there isn’t anyone cuddled under a blanket. She’s my giant lap dog 💗 Pippa, aka Pipster, Pippa Doo, the mouse 🐭 Pippa is 4 years old (5 next month). She’s an Italian Greyhound. She was the baby of the dog pack until Rowan came. Pippa loves attention and will plaster her face to yours asking for kisses. She has a thing for big bear dogs but her soulmate is Rocco. Apparently Pippa didn’t read the Iggy manual because she will get into water, snow, mud, wet grass...daintily but still...and she will brave the cold but doesn’t care for sweaters and coats so her trips out in winter are brief. She is sweet and sassy and will put Freya in her place at times. Pippa also likes to steal things and take them to her “nest”. All purses, backpacks and bags must remain zipped at all times 😅 Rocco, aka Rocco Taco, Peepee Boy, Monkey 🐒 Rocco is the oldest at 7 years (8 next month). He’s an unusually tall Italian Greyhound. Rocco is a social butterfly. He loves every human and animal he meets. He is Uncle Rocco to all the animals when they’re babies. Once they’ve adjusted, he backs off and settles into his normal routine again. He’s smart and naughty. I could write a book about him but I’m out of space 😜

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For those who love all animals, Freya's account is a perfect escape from bad news, and welcome retreat into a lovely land of dogs, cats, horses and birds. The serene editing of each photo makes the animal paradise feel like an otherworldly wonderland, which is sure to support your need to relax and cherish the online, and real life animals around you. ]


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Out of office

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For a face you just want to snuggle, look no further than Willamina, the "willie, willie cute yorkie." Willamina will constantly have you contemplating your own hairstyle and wondering how you could ever look half as glamorous. She's doing the work of 15 Instagram influencers, and still radiating cute puppy vibes.