5 Martin of Tours Quotes to Honor the Catholic Saint on His Feast Day

Martin of Tours, the patron saint of the poor, soldiers, conscientious objectors, tailors, and winemakers, is celebrated annually on November 11. He was born in A.D 316 in what is modern-day Hungary, and converted to Christianity at a young age.

According to the religious blog New Advent, when he reached adolescence, he enrolled into the Roman army. He served in Gaul, Milan and Treves, as per Catholic.Org. It is believed he also spent time serving in the emperor's guard.

Perhaps one of the things that Martin is best known for is when he encountered a shivering half-naked beggar in Amiens. Martin removed his cloak and cut it in half with a sword, covering the man.

The half of the cloak he kept for himself became famous, and was known as "St. Martin's cloak." Additionally, that evening, Martin had a vision that Jesus Christ appeared to him, and said: "Martin, a mere catechumen has clothed me."

Saint Martin of Tours
Circa 350 AD, St Martin of Tours (c. 316-397), gives half his cloak to the homeless poor. He was a French prelate, founder of the first monastery in Gaul at Liguge, c. 361, and bishop of Tours from 371, patron saint of France. Original Artwork: Engraved by W H Worthing. Archive Photos/Getty Images

After leaving the military service, Martin dedicated his life to the church. He studied under Hilary of Poitiers, who is now considered a doctor of the Church, and also established a monetary for the Benedictines.

He was ordained a Bishop of Tours in A.D. 371. During his leadership, he established a system of parishes to better organize his districts throughout the church. Martin also set up an abbey where he was able to retreat to and live as a monk with his disciples. He fought against Paganism, and successfully converted many to the Catholic church.

Martin died in A.D. 397 in Candes-Saint-Martin, Gaul.

Martin is commonly depicted on horseback, and cutting his cape with a sword. Here are some quotes to celebrate Saint Martin of Tours on his feast day:

"Now let me fight for God. As for your bonus, let someone who is going to join the battle receive it. I am a soldier of Christ-combat is not permitted me."

"In the name of the Lord Jesus and protected only by the sign of the cross, without shield or helmet, I shall penetrate the enemy's ranks and not be afraid."

"With the sign of the Cross, I shall more certainly break through the ranks of the enemy than if armed with shield and sword."

"Lord, if your people need me, I will not refuse the work. Your will be done."

"Allow me, brothers, to look toward heaven rather than at the earth, so that my spirit may set on the right course when the time comes for me to go on my journey to the Lord."