5 Stale Stereotypes on the New Season of 'Top Chef'

Stereotypes are reality television's bread and butter. We know that. But Top Chef, we thought you were different. We thought you were special! The show returns for its sixth season tonight, and if the first episode is any indication, many of the contestants this time around seem, well, scripted. We'll see how they play out as the season progresses, but here's a look at whom we've got so far:

He arrives wearing a bright red neckerchief. A neckerchief. A red one. He has yet to take it off.

In the first episode alone, he calls one guy a monkey, says "whatever she is" about a woman with closely cropped hair, and complains during a competition: "No offense, but a girl shouldn't be at the same level I am." Buddy, if you have to say "no offense," it's probably offensive.

The older is reserved, controlled, conservative. The younger has many tattoos. They love each other, clearly want to beat each other, and talk a lot of trash.

A young mother from a hardscrabble background who has high aspirations for her son. She cooks with peppers to signify her hot temper.

Who says her vice is drinking too much and making mistakes. She is also immediately assumed to be just a pastry chef when she is, in fact, an executive chef. At an Eric Ripert restaurant. Sigh.