57 Percent of Americans Confident in Biden Doing Right Thing on Foreign Affairs: Poll

Despite an "incredibly partisan" split among Americans, a 57 percent majority said they believe President Joe Biden is on the right track in his approach to foreign policy, a new ABC News/Ipsos poll shows.

Overall, about 52 percent of Americans in the study said that they have a great deal or good amount of trust in the president to negotiate with foreign leaders on behalf of the U.S. In contrast, 3 in 10 Americans, including 70 percent of GOP voters, said they "do not trust Biden at all" with foreign policy decisions.

Additionally, 42 percent of those surveyed said they "do not have much or any confidence" in Biden to do the right thing in regards to global affairs. Only 3 percent of Republicans said they believe America appears "stronger" with Biden as president.

Forty-four percent of Americans surveyed said they believe America's leadership in the world has gotten stronger under Biden. But just over one-third said they believe the U.S.'s diplomatic abilities abroad have gotten weaker since Biden took office.

The poll conducted from June 11-12 comes as the president meets with G7 summit and European Union leaders, marking his first trip abroad since entering the White House.

Two-thirds of Americans in the poll, 65 percent, said protecting the jobs of American workers should be Biden's top priority as he hashes out deals with leaders ranging from Russian President Vladimir Putin to French President Emmanuel Macron.

Twenty-six percent of Americans overall said they have a "great deal" of trust in Biden to negotiate with Putin this week.

A vast majority of Americans, 92 percent, from all political affiliations said Biden should focus his energies toward limiting China's power and influence.

By comparison to Biden's predecessor, former President Donald Trump, a June 2017 poll showed 47 percent of Americans had "no trust at all" in Trump's ability to negotiate on the country's behalf with other foreign leaders.

Another point of consensus between Republicans and Democrats in the survey was the vast majority of each agreeing that protecting the country from terrorism should be a top foreign policy priority.

The Biden White House has been promoting the president's first foreign trip as an "America is back" type of tour that seeks to roll back much of his predecessor's inflammatory rhetoric. Biden has sought to characterize Trump's foreign policy as an approach that pushed away America's longtime allies across the globe.

Newsweek reached out to the White House for any additional remarks on Sunday morning.

president joe biden g7 summit
U.S. President Joe Biden arrives for a plenary session during G7 summit in Carbis Bay on June 13, 2021 in Cornwall, United Kingdom. Despite an "incredibly partisan" split among Americans, a 57% majority say they believe President Joe Biden is on the right track in his approach to global foreign policy. PHIL NOBLE - WPA/Getty Images