6 Adorable Videos of Animals Keeping Cool During the Heatwave

Many throughout North America are doing their best to stay cool as unprecedented temperatures rock the continent. It can be difficult to beat the heat; however, these animals have got it covered. Avoiding the summer heat never looked so cute.

Black Bear Takes a Bath in Portland, Oregon

An 11-year-old black bear named Takoda enjoyed a nice, cool bath at the Oregon Zoo amidst rising temperatures. The zoo shared the video on June 28, the same day it was reported that the Portland Airport had reached a record-breaking 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

At the time, this was the highest temperature for the area on record; that is, until the following day when the National Weather Service reported that the airport reached a sweltering 116 degrees Fahrenheit. Before June 2021, the highest reported temperature for the area was 107 degrees Fahrenheit, which according to NWS, was reached twice: once in July of 1965, and again in August of 1981.

Donkey Enjoys a Popsicle in Sultan, Washington

Footage shows a donkey at Pasado's Safe Haven enjoying a cool treat on a warm summer day. Washington state experienced its own share of record-breaking temperatures in late June. As tweeted by the National Weather Service, Olympia reached 110 degrees Fahrenheit on June 28. That same day, Sultan hit 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Who wouldn't need a popsicle in that heat?

Labs Take Laps in Oceanside, California

When the sun's rays became unbearable, brothers Nelson and Wallace decided to take a dip in the pool in Southern California. On June 26, the National Weather Service warned those in the Northwest U.S., as well as those in Southern California, that a " dangerous and record-breaking heatwave" was expected to begin in the area.

NWS encouraged those in the area to stay hydrated, reschedule outdoor activities and stay in the shade. But these pups decided a swim would be the perfect way to stay safe and cool.

Puppy Snacks on a Homemade Popsicle in Edmonton, Canada

On June 29, one Canadian dog owner fed her furry companion a popsicle as temperatures hit 97 degrees Fahrenheit. The country is also experiencing a record-breaking heatwave, and as a result, officials have encouraged residents of Northern Alberta — the province in which Edmonton is located — to conserve energy as they combat the heat. Snacking on popsicles seems like a great way to conserve energy while also attempting to keep cool.

Doe Sits in the Shade in Sisters, Oregon

Deciding that the heat was too much, a doe in Sisters, Oregon, decided to curl up in the shade outside one woman's bedroom window. Southern Oregon has already seen its fair share of record-breaking heat this summer. On June 29, the day the doe was spotted lounging, temperatures in Sisters reached 108 degrees Fahrenheit. That's hot enough to make anyone want to rest.

Dog Gets Comfortable on AC Vent in Lutherville, Maryland

When a Bernese mountain dog named Greta in Lutherville, Maryland, discovered an AC vent in the floor, she promptly decided to lay on top of it. The National Weather Service took to Twitter to remind pet owners in the area to limit their pets' physical activity, provide plenty of shade and water to avoid hot pavement. Looks like Greta's owner provided everything she needed to stay safe and cool.

dog swimming
Animals are finding creative ways to stay cool during the summer's intense heatwave. James Love/iStock