6 Kitchen Gadgets to Simplify Your Cooking Routine

Cooking is something that can be as simple as boiling water and throwing in some noodles and as complicated as 9-course meals perfectly curated for your tasting pleasure.

In the confines of your own kitchen, most would agree that anything to make the process of cooking easier and in turn more enjoyable would be a win. Piles of dirty dishes and splattering sauces are just a few among the reasons that would-be home chefs might be turned off. But for those looking to dip their feet into becoming your home's next master chef, these six gadgets will help make your kitchen routine run a lot smoother.

Man chopping veggies
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The mystery of the missing Tupperware container lids is a tale as old as time in most kitchens. Flipping through all the cabinets looking for the perfect fit is no fun. These reusable silicone containers replace Tupperware containers as well as single-use plastic storage bags. From taking snacks on the go to keeping leftovers fresh, these containers are a kitchen must-have. Oh, and they're dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe.

Air Fryer

These gadgets are not breaking news but they have certainly changed the game. These compact, countertop, ovens allow you to fry almost anything using little or no oil. There are recipes galore that can be made in these machines, many of which result in that crispy finish that is often reserved for deep frying but minus all the heavy oil.

Breakfast Sandwich Maker
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Breakfast Sandwich Maker

There is nothing quite like a good breakfast sandwich. From the crispy bread to the perfectly cooked egg, this old standby is breakfast gold. Rather than using numerous pans, this gadget allows you to create the perfect breakfast sandwich at all in one place. With a compartment for the bread, cheese and meat (or veggies) and another one for the egg, your sandwich will be ready to eat in 5 minutes.

Spill-stopper lid

These lids are great for chefs who can never quite master the water to pasta ratio when boiling their favorite noodles. Rather than have water boil over the top of your pot, these lids stop the spills and can also be used as a veggie steamer and microwave lid.

Mango Splitter
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Mango Splitter

Peeling a mango can be a messy endeavor. From peeling away the skin to trying to salvage every piece of fruit from the pit is not easy. This little gadget is much like an apple slicer but for mangoes. Place it on the fruit the way you would an apple and separate the pit from the rest of the juicy orange fruit.

Always Pan

While a pricy addition to a kitchen, these pans from the brand Our Place have created quite the fanfare. The higher price tag starts to make more sense when you realize this pan can take the place of eight pieces of cookware you might otherwise find in a kitchen. From a steamer to a skillet to a spatula rest, this nonstick pan can pretty much do it all.