7 Websites to Waste an Entire Night On, According to Reddit Users

Do you ever spend a night just scouring the internet for something interesting as you stay up, unable to fall asleep? Has the current crop of websites you regularly check out run dry? A thread on Reddit offered suggestions for interesting, fun and productive websites for people to stay up using.

The websites that Reddit users suggested range from places people can learn about science to tools they could use to try their hand at songwriting to sites that could help feed people in need.

Phoenix Crawford does school work on a laptop while being home-schooled by his mum Donna Eddy on April 09, 2020 in Sydney, Australia. Brendon Thorne/Getty

Here are seven of the best suggestions:


The "people-powered research" platform has tons of projects that turn the average person into an academic researcher. "Our goal is to enable research that would not be possible, or practical, otherwise," the Zooniverse website states. The website has tons of projects that users could spend hours contributing to, like finding asteroids in images from the Hubble telescope.

Chrome Experiments: Music Lab

Have you ever thought, "I could write a hit song," but didn't have the technology or maybe the ability to play the instrumental? This nifty tool lets anyone be a musician simply by selecting the instrument they want to use and clicking boxes for corresponding notes. You can choose from a few instruments like pianos, synthesizers, marimbas and strings, as well as a few different drum pads, and simply check off boxes and get one step closer to your number-one single.

Random Street View

This website will drop you in a random location anywhere on the globe using Google street view. It's great for anyone with a serious case of wanderlust trying to decide where they want to go next once the coronavirus pandemic is over—or anyone open to exploring streets of places they never thought of going.


I had to stop using this website before I ended up hypnotized by it for the rest of my day. This is basically a virtual sandbox where users can doodle with different elements likes water, wood, lava and more, and see how they interact with each other. It's not necessarily the most informative website, but it's oddly addicting to just sit and drag a line of termites over a hunk of wood and see what happens.


Archive has tons of content that you can browse and never tire of. There are books, movies, games and more that users can access with ease. You could spend hours searching through the content or even just play the original Oregon Trail or spend hours listening to Grateful Dead bootlegs (or Mountain Goats bootlegs, as I prefer).

Free Rice

If you're going to waste your own time, you may as well do a little good too, right? This website asks questions as users accumulate rice. The more rice a user accumulates, the more money is then donated to the World Food Programme, which helps feed struggling communities.


One user did respond that the OP should be careful what they ask for, because a similar question landed them on Reddit. "Careful there friend, I asked the same question 8 years ago and someone said Reddit. I'm still here procrastinating," they wrote.