8-foot Pet Boa Constrictor Snake Escapes While Owner Is Sleeping

An 8-foot-long Colombian boa constrictor was on the loose on Thursday, escaping from its owner's home in Vancouver, Canada.

The 32-year old woman who owned the snake—named "Cody"—said she woke up on Thursday to find that the snake was no longer in its tank. She reported the incident to local authorities.

Vancouver Police said in a statement Thursday: "An 8-foot Colombian boa snake has been reported missing near Granville and 14th. Owner went to sleep and awoke to missing snake. It is believed to be docile but please take care in the area and report any sightings to police."

NEWS 1130 reported that the snake may have slipped out of an open window when making its escape.

After being on the loose, the owner eventually found the snake after the serpent made its own way back home, according to a Facebook post published by the woman which has since been deleted.

"FOUND!!!!! Thank you so much for all your shares!! She snuck in through a small opening where there used to be a fireplace. Sorry to cause any fear, but so glad Cody is safe and sound."

There are no reports of anyone being injured by the snake and Cody is thought to be in good health after his brief adventure.

A snake reported missing at Granville + 14th has been found. Facebook post made by owner says Cody is "safe and sound." @VancouverPD had asked people to be on the look out for the reptile last night, saying she slithered away while her owner was sleeping. @NEWS1130 @CityNewsVAN pic.twitter.com/7muctFKN34

— Monika Gul (@MonikaGul) August 27, 2021

Colombian red tail boas are a large, heavy-bodied, non-venomous species that are among the most common pet snakes. Found in Colombia and other parts of Central and South America, they are one of nine species of boa constrictor.

Colombian red tail boas can grow to between 6-10 feet in length when they are kept in captivity, although some can reach even longer lengths

They are popular pets due to the fact that they are very docile and tolerate being handled very well—in addition to their impressive physical characteristics—according to Reptiles Magazine.

"They often seem to enjoy being held and will seek out an area on your arm or shoulders and enjoy your body warmth. They may crawl around for a few minutes before hunkering down to grab some heat," a fact sheet in the magazine said.

Boa constrictors are ambush predators that kill their prey using a method known as constriction. This technique involves the snake wrapping itself around the prey and gradually squeezing the animal to death with its powerful muscles, before consuming it whole.

Boas have jaws lined with small, hooked teeth that are designed for grabbing and holding prey. In the wild, the snakes will eat almost anything they can catch, but mostly small to medium sized mammals and birds.

a Colombian red tail boa
Stock image showing a Colombian red tail boa. A pet Colombian red tail escaped from a Vancouver apartment on Thursday. iStock