The 9 Best Apple AirTag Accessories

AirTag is a small product that you'll never misplace. The latest gadget from Apple should be nearly impossible to lose, because it, itself, is a tracking beacon meant to keep sight of an important item. AirTag uses the Find My network built into iOS and can be located far and near. In fact, it can point you in the correct direction as close as a few inches when using a recent iPhone that has a U1 chip. The biggest downside is that AirTag has no easy way to clip it onto a bag or key chain out of the box. That's where all these AirTag accessories come in. Out of the gate, these are the best ways to keep your keys, bags and even sunglasses from going missing.

AirTag is one of the lowest priced gadgets you can buy from Apple, at $29. If you have multiple items you need to attach an AirTag to there's also a 4-pack that costs $99. Even though an AirTag is just a little bigger than a U.S. quarter, it has plenty of tech packed in. It has a speaker to emit a sound for easy locating. It's dust- and water-resistant and even has a user-replaceable battery.

  • Belkin Secure Holder With Strap—$12.95
  • Elevation Lab TagVault Keychain—$12.95
  • Nomad AirTag Glasses Strap—$29.95
  • Moko AirTag Protective Case (3-pack)—$12.95
  • Cyrill AirTag Case—$19.99
  • Spigen AirTag Case Rugged Armor—$24.99
  • Moment Stretch Fabric Mount—$19.99
  • Pad & Quill Mighty AirTag Leather Key Chain—$24.95
  • Apple AirTag Loop—$29

Belkin Secure Holder With Strap

Belkin AirTag loop
This Belkin Secure Holder With Strap is one of the least expensive options for an AirTag and can be attached to a variety of places. BELKIN

Belkin has a couple of different options for securing an AirTag: a standard key chain and this holder with a strap. I've tried both of these options, and they work well. The most attractive aspect will be the price. Each of the AirTag accessories is made out of plastic and secure the device will minimal effort. They're, purposefully, simple. While the key chain version has its use defined, the holder with a strap has more possibilities.

The rope strap can be looped onto a variety of items. For example, it could be attached to a bike or multiple types of bags, in addition to being able to loop onto a keyring. There's nothing to complain about here with Belkin's first AirTag accessories.

Buy at Belkin.

Elevation Lab TagVault Keychain

Elevation Lab
This key chain and AirTag holder from Elevation Lab is waterproof and comes in at $12.95. ELEVATION LAB

In carving out its niche for an AirTag accessory, Elevation Lab went to the extreme. It built a heavy-duty, completely protective holder for AirTag. Its TagVault is completely waterproof and extradurable. It also advertises that it's nondescript as to not draw attention that it's holding an AirTag. You'll have to decide whether that's a feature or not. This is the option if you tend to be careless with your keys or just venture into dirty situations on a daily basis.

TagVault is priced low, at just $12.95. A 3-pack of the accessory is just $29.95, bringing the cost to around $10 each. It's a great deal from a company that makes great products.

Buy at Elevation Lab.

Nomad AirTag Glasses Strap

Nomad sunglasses strap
Nomad's AirTag strap attaches to sunglasses to keep track of your expensive shades. NOMAD

Nomad, like others, does make multiple AirTag holders. It has the more traditional key chain holders for those that prefer to play it safe. It also has this interesting glasses strap. This strap is for anyone who worries about spending too much money on nice sunglasses because they're afraid of losing them. This accessory is a clever take on a popular '90s item that you just don't see as much as you used to.

Buy at Nomad.

Moko AirTag Protective Case (3-Pack)

Moko protective case
Moko's 3-pack of AirTag cases is perfect for people not wanting to spend too much on accessories. MOKO

The Moko AirTag protective case is the perfect holder for people who desperately need to keep track of their items but are tapped for cash. The pack includes three cases, yet it's still cheaper than a lot of other options out there. Plus, the per-unit value is off the charts. I've tried several different Moko iPad cases in the past, and they worked well. These should be able to do the trick for anyone on a tight budget.

Buy at Amazon.

Cyrill AirTag Case

Cyrill leather loop
The Cyrill leather key chain accessory comes in a stone color. CYRILL

Cyrill is going for the luxury look with its AirTag case. It comes in a stone-colored vegan leather with a silver ring for clipping to a keychain, zipper or another loop area. I've used this AirTag case, and it looks as nice in person as it does online. The ring clip is on the large size, so it might add some bulk to whatever it gets clipped to. It's fashionable but won't protect the AirTag from getting scratched.

Buy at Cyrill.

Spigen AirTag Case Rugged Armor

Spigen AirTag rugged armor
For those that prefer a carbon fiber look, Spigen has a rugged AirTag holder. SPIGEN

Spigen has a similar option to Cyrill's (being part of the same company), but it also has a rugged version, too. The Rugged Armor accessory gets a masculine look along with a carabiner clip. If leather or plastic is not your aesthetic, then this carbon fiber one will likely be a better fit on the design front.

Buy at Spigen.

Moment Stretch Fabric Mount

Moment fabric holder
Moment has a few different ways to adhere an AirTag to different places, including this fabric option for inside a bag. MOMENT

Moment comes through again with its Stretch Fabric Mount, able to fill a unique need. Here, it veers from the common path and is offering ways to stick an AirTag to the inside of a fabric bag. It also has one for hard surfaces, too. Insert the AirTag, peel the back and stick it somewhere. This is a perfect option for attaching it inside a place that doesn't have a loop. The hard-surface version could also come in handy for attaching an AirTag to the bottom of a skateboard, for example.

Buy at Moment.

Pad & Quill Mighty AirTag Leather Key Chain

Pad & Quill Mighty AirTag keychain
Pad & Quill deliver a classic leather look with the Mighty AirTag key chain. PAD & QUILL

If you want a classy, timeless-looking AirTag holder, then check out the Pad & Quill leather key chain option. Pad & Quill has been making high-quality Apple accessories for a long time and this latest one is still in line with that.

This leather key chain forms a tiny pocket that the quarter-size AirTag slides into. It leaves very little of the white plastic disk exposed, so it should stay unscratched.

Buy at Pad & Quill.

Apple AirTag Loop

Apple AirTag Loop
The Apple AirTag Loop comes in four colors and costs $29. APPLE

Apple, not to be outdone by third-party makers, has its own AirTag accessories. It has a standard key chain with a metal ring, but it also has this AirTag Loop. The product here looks like a luggage tag and probably functions great in this manner, but it's not the only use for it. Similar to Belkin's loop strap, this one from Apple can be attached to a variety of objects.

The Apple AirTag Loop is made out of polyurethane and costs $29. If you want a loop holder with a touch more elegance, there's also a leather loop for $39.

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