9 Cat Videos That Will Make You Forget About Dogs

Cat memes are some of the most popular around, with videos like the Keyboard Cat among some of the first viral clips around. On Instagram and Twitter, and more recently TikTok, so many of these videos have received a huge number of views.

Many celebrities even create profiles for their pets on social media, so their lives can be followed specifically.

This article, it's all about our furry felines as they showcase their prowess at making us laugh and cry with their adorable antics.

We have collected some of social media's best cat videos, showing animals really do the strangest things.

Cats Who Love the Olympics

cats watching gymnastics is my new favorite
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During the Olympics there are some sports that seem to particularly excite cats.

These are within artistic gymnastics, where men and women are spinning, twisting and jumping all over the place.

Many people shared images and videos of their cats transfixed while watching the gymnastics, and some cats go even further.

One in particular showed a cat standing up on its legs while watching, as if preparing to take to the uneven bars, as well as jumping and pawing at the TV screen to try and catch the twirling gymnasts.

Cats Who Don't Like to Share

We all know people who get jealous easily, and it turns out there are cats who are exactly the same.

Cat lovers will know their pets can sometimes feel a little disheartened if we play with other animals, whether it's the neighbor's dog or our own pets.

In one video, a cat really did not enjoy their owner calling to feed the other cat, wanting to be the alpha feline in the house.

In the clip shared by @dontstopmeowing, every time the owner said the name of another cat, her pet tried to use their paw to cover their mouth, apparently wanting only its name to escape the owner's lips.

Cats Who Can Squeeze Into Any Space

Cats have nine lives, and seem to be able to jump, crawl and squeeze into some amazing locations.

Whether it's climbing up walls to jumping from heights, the athleticism shown by our pets is pretty incredible.

However, few cats seem to be like this one, which is able to manipulate their body at a contortionist's level.

In the video, the cat is attempting to escape a room through a closed door, and thinks the small gap between the door and the floor seems the most viable route.

They move their body in shocking ways, while their owner watches on in fits of laughter.

Cats Who Know What Food They Like

Cats tend to make their likes and dislikes pretty clear in their actions: if they want to be left alone, you know about it quickly.

In a similar way, cats can also share their preferences pretty forcefully, by giving cute cat eyes to their prized possessions or meowing at the thing they love.

For one owner, the object of their cat's desire was Cheetos, and despite their fellow felines eating chicken happily, she had eyes for just one thing.

Her owner caught the whole thing on video, as the cute kitty stared up with those big eyes we know and love, begging her owner for a taste of that cheesy goodness.

Cats Who Can Handle Other Animals

There's nothing better as a pet owner than when your animals get along, especially if it's cats and dogs living together.

One cat went a step further, and not only did she seem to be able to handle living with a dog, but they even created a close bond together.

In an adorable video, the cat has just had kittens and wanted to make sure the dog knew not to mess with her little ones.

She introduced the pair, and quickly it looked as though they would be a happy family together.

Cats Who Love Babies


Summer wanted to show off her baby to my baby

♬ original sound - Pearl’s Ragdolls

Introducing cats and dogs may be tricky, but bringing a baby home can be an even scarier moment for a pet owner.

An owner wants their cats and children to get on, and hopefully become firm friends as they grow up together.

Now, imagine trying to deal with new babies and new kittens—that could be a recipe for disaster.

But in one video, an owner need not worry as her cat wants the new baby to meet her new kitten, and brings them together in an adorable moment.

Cats Who Can Handle Other Animals—Including Wild Ones

While cats introducing their kittens to dogs is adorable, when they are able to hold their own in the wild, it's even cuter.

One cat spent some time proving this while playing with a deer in a field, pecking at each other and running around.

The cat was very playful with the fellow animals, having a good time in the great outdoors.

Cats Trying to Be Other Animals

While cats may be good at playing with other animals, they tend to be a proud species who care little for the opinions of others.

Having said that, the idea of a copycat exists for a reason as sometimes cats like to mimic their furry friends.

In one video, a cat wanted to be just like his dog friends, attempting to mimic their wagging tongues.

Of course, cats' tongues are by no means as long as a dog's, and so this cat looked more like it was yawning or meowing in its attempt to emulate its pals.

Cats Who Can Fight Their Own Battles

We've seen cats enjoying the Olympics, but some prefer a specific sporting event: boxing.

In a video, an owner put his hand out, waiting for his cat to do what he knew would occur.

The cat immediately prepared itself, getting into the perfect boxing stance before nailing the owner with a couple of short, sharp punches.

While the form may need some work, this cat may be the next Mike Tyson of the Animal Kingdom.

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