9 Golf Upgrades That Will Up Your Game

What's the best way to lower your golf stroke count? It's an elusive question that all amateurs and pros alike are searching after. While there's no magical piece of gear that will change your handicap overnight, there are plenty of golf-related items that could help make the most of your time out on the links. For example, if you don't have a good range finder, or have never tried one, upgrading can significantly help in choosing the right club to use at each turn. It's not just expensive or technical golf gear that will have an impact on your game though. Sometimes just being more comfortable on the course can have an impact on how you play.

We rounded up golf items that reviewers of all kinds have found to be useful for positively impacting their game. Whether it's a new golf bag to lighten the load or a breathable polo, don't let golf season pass by without giving an upgrade a try. As always, the prices listed may fluctuate over time as products go on sale.

A Fresh Shake: Mizuno Elite Glove

This golf glove from Mizuno is highly rated because of its premium feel. MIZUNO

A simple, inexpensive way to change up and, hopefully, upgrade your golf game is with a new glove. The inconspicuous piece of gear is crucial in a lot of ways, touching almost every aspect of your time on the course.

MyGolfSpy had high praise for this glove, giving it its top award. "If you want a glove that gives that 'premium feeling' but lasts longer, go for the Mizuno Elite. Its consistent overall performance was impressive. This performance glove was outstanding across multiple key metrics, making it the undisputed winner of the 2021 Most Wanted Performance Glove Test."

Buy at Mizuno for $16.

Tighter Grip: Saplize Golf Grips

Saplize Golf Grips
Changing your golf club grips isn't hard and could save you thousands of dollars buying brand-new clubs. Saplize

Instead of throwing out clubs that might be perfectly fine because of worn grips, it may be worth a little bit of elbow grease to switch out the old grips with new, fresh ones. Be prepared for some work putting them on, but the kit from Saplize comes with everything you need, and most reviews cite an easy process.

Amazon reviewer Rob Miszewski wrote, "This is now the second time I've purchased these grips for another set of clubs. Super easy to install and very well made! Great price too!!"

The price will depend on the size and color you select, but it should top out around $45 for a complete set. This upgrade might save you thousands of dollars and improve your game at the same time.

Buy at Amazon for $32.99.

A New Caddy: TaylorMade 2021 FlexTech Lite Bag

TaylorMade 2021 FlexTech Lite Bag
A new, lighter-weight golf bag is one way to upgrade your trek around the course. TAYLORMADE

A new golf bag won't improve your game per se, but it also won't hurt it. This TaylorMade FlexTech Lite bag is big on looks and organization while being suitable for carrying or carting. There are four different colors available, and it is pretty universally liked.

A reviewer on Golf Galaxy, under the name E.C.C. writes, "Light enough to carry while walking, but sturdy enough to hold everything I need. It's a great bag with loads of pockets. Thankful to have found exactly what I was looking for in a bag."

Buy at Golf Galaxy for $219.99.

Improved Accuracy: Bushnell Tour V5

Bushnell Tour V5
Reviewers love this range finder's excellent clarity. It should be able to work well with long distances, too. BUSHNELL

Upgrading your accuracy isn't cheap, but it could be vital to improving your stroke count. Knowing the distance you're trying to hit the ball is key to picking the right club to use. There are apps and different solutions, but ranger finders are a very easy and practical way to get your unique distance on the course.

Amazon reviews for the Bushnell Tour V5 are nearly a flawless five stars. (Buying it as a bundle with a case will save a few bucks, too.) One reviewer, Al Richardson, wrote, "The excellent clarity of the optics is the first thing that jumps out at you. The ranging function is accurate and easy to use, but the optics are so bright it's almost like you are looking through an expensive spotting scope. I have ranged a flag from 450 yards.

Buy at Bushnell for $299.99.

More Practice: Amazon Basics Practice Golf Net

Amazon Basics Portable Driving Practice Golf Net
The Amazon Basics practice golf net is portable and will work inside or outside. AMAZON

It's one thing to swing a club. Being able to hit a ball and make contact is completely different. Upgrading the way you practice your golf swing in between trips to the course is essential. This practice net works inside and outside and could be a game-changer.

MyGolfSpy tested a bunch of different practice nets and came away with several that it liked. Their best value one was the Amazon Basics'. While it doesn't have many features, it can solve the need most golfers are looking for with a net. Said MyGolfSpy, "Simple but effective, the Amazon Basics hitting net offers a sturdy frame that holds up in windy conditions. It can be used indoors, as well, and the included bag makes it moving it from place to place hassle-free."

Buy at Amazon for $84.99.

Better Golf Balls: Titleist Pro V1x

 Titleist Pro V1x
The latest version of the Pro V1x golf balls offers longer distance and a very low long game spin according to reviews. Titleist

The beauty of getting new golf balls is that, no matter how great a golfer you are, you'll always need new golf balls at some point. The cream of the crop, among many enthusiasts, is the Pro V1x from Titleist.

Among its fans is Spy, which says: "To give the rest of us a taste of such rarified golf air, Titleist gives us the 2021 Pro V1s. Completely redesigned for this year, these new Titleist golf balls offer longer distance, very low long game spin and Titleist's signature 'Drop-and-Stop' technology."

Buy at Amazon for $49.99.

Fresh Traction: Adidas Men's ZG21

Adidas Zg21
These golf shoes have an unassuming look but offer protection from the elements and extended comfort on the course. ADIDAS

Even if you take a cart and don't walk the entire course, your golf shoes should be comfortable. Personally, I've used shoes on the golf course that weren't comfortable and didn't handle water well. It was a miserable time. The ZG21 from Adidas can handle all the elements from the course just fine and feel luxurious to boot.

David Usher, over at T3 says, "Adidas has attempted to combine the lightweight benefits and comfort of a spikeless shoe with the stability and performance of a classic spiked golf shoe, and I have to say they've absolutely nailed it."

Heads up, the price may vary slightly depending on size and color.

Buy at Adidas for $180.

Sun Protection: Melin Hydro A-Game

Melin Hydro A-Game
This Melin Hydro A-Game hat is a perfect choice for hot weather. It's waterproof and pretty capable of keeping your head cool. MERLIN

There are plenty of great golf hats available. The problem is that most are also billboards for their clubs or gear. If you'd rather take a more agnostic approach or have a grudge against Callaway, Nike or Adidas for whatever reason, there are some other companies making solid hats. Merlin's hats are great for the course, but they are also very much summer focused and can be used in and around bodies of water. They aren't cheap, but they do go above and beyond in an effort to provide a quality, lasting hat.

Amazon customer Jeremy P. says, "I like this hat because I sweat a lot golfing and go through multiple hats per year. This hat will survive a hot sweat on the course without any sweat stains."

Buy at Amazon for $59.99.

More Comfort: Linksoul Chambray Shorts

Linksoul Chambray short
The Linksoul Chambray Shorts sport a professional look without being too serious. The waist has plenty of stretch, plus there's a small side pocket to hold miscellaneous items. LINKSOUL

Not all but plenty of golf courses require collar shirts and nice slacks and/or shorts to be worn. In this case, it's better to show up overdressed rather than underdressed. The latest clothes in its men's summer collection from Linksoul locate that balance between being comfortable and looking professional.

I tried a full-button shirt and was impressed with the feel of its material and lightweight, unrestrictive fit. Taking swings with clubs was easy. I also got a chance to try the Chambray Shorts, and they are perfect for staying cool on the course, right up until the weather turns. I like their stretchy waist as well as the pocket on the side for temporarily holding tees or other small items.

Buy at Amazon for $72.

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