9 Photos That Captured the Electrifying Moment Lightning Nearly Hit the Statue of Liberty

New Yorkers were in for a shock on Wednesday—literally—when a giant lightning bolt nearly struck the Statue of Liberty. From all over Manhattan, and its surrounding areas, bystanders watched a giant beam of electricity of a pinkish hue take its time while striking the land near the historic monument.

It may not have been quite as dramatic as A Day To Remember's storm scene, but it was beautiful and terrifying, all at once.

A video of the monumental lighting strike was filmed by Twitter user @_Mikey_Cee. He captioned it, fittingly: "The best video I ever captured."

The best video I ever captured. #NewYork #WeatherChannel #NYC pic.twitter.com/cOBqTqJ9LO

— Mikey Cee (@_Mikey_Cee) July 22, 2020

Cee told Newsweek how he knew, in the moment, it was a special video. "Honestly, just truly blessed to be in the right place right time," he said via Twitter. "It took about 10 seconds into recording for it to happen and I did the best I possibly couldn't not to get excited and shake the camera, knowing I just experienced a once in a lifetime capture!"

The lightning bolt video has been shared by over 20,000 Twitter users, but some have their own footage as well. Photos from Manhattan and Brooklyn surfaced online that captured the giant lightning bolt and others that struck during the storm from a plethora of angles.

amazing video! this is from Brooklyn. pic.twitter.com/CycsiRLaPC

— Lauren (@Laurenmcfly142) July 23, 2020

Amazing photo! Here is what I took from Rockaway pic.twitter.com/0cX0ZZvPOH

— Joseph Fox (@JoeFox) July 23, 2020

Lightning strikes the Hudson River during a thunderstorm in New York City this evening #newyork #newyorkcity #nyc #thunderstorm #lightning @agreatbigcity pic.twitter.com/XXKPgRVeWL

— Gary Hershorn (@GaryHershorn) July 22, 2020

📸: A bolt of lightning hits One World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan as severe storms moved through the New York City area. https://t.co/8LAbNI6hgP pic.twitter.com/Z3VA7TBlyS

— ABC News (@ABC) July 23, 2020

Well.... That was one Hell of a Storm tonight #NYC The sky was Electric!! 🌩️🌩️🌩️ pic.twitter.com/hbyuL9szSg

— Dan Martland (@DanTVusa) July 23, 2020

Shocking! pic.twitter.com/ap1hlb3pgO

— Matt (@mattc9801) July 22, 2020

Others shared footage of the extreme storm that swept through New York. Rains were so heavy, they blurred vision entirely.

ABC News shared a timelapse that shows the storm rolling in.

Timelapse footage shows intensifying severe thunderstorm hitting New York City with torrential rain and damaging winds. https://t.co/70YZqMEO8x pic.twitter.com/CTyYiXDzq0

— ABC News (@ABC) July 23, 2020

In a second video, Cee also questioned if he was in the center of a tornado, apparently due to the extreme winds.

WAS THIS A TORNADO JUST NOW AT ELLIS ISLAND?! Just got this footage at work. Easily 60mph winds. That was insane! @LeeGoldbergABC7 pic.twitter.com/SPzUgeBP1W

— Mikey Cee (@_Mikey_Cee) July 22, 2020

Twitter users are infatuated with the lightning bolt, and while some simply admired nature's beauty during such a violent storm, others compared the bolt's close proximity to the Statue of Liberty to America in 2020.

Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty is seen through fog prior to the start of the 125th Anniversary of the Statue of Liberty ceremony on Liberty Island on September 22, 2011, in New York City. Getty/Daniel Berehulak

The year's eventfulness has not escaped anyone, from the coronavirus pandemic to the Black Lives Matter movement and an upcoming, polarizing election. A handful of users picked the moment of intensity to make a political statement about the current feeling of the world under the leadership of President Donald Trump.

Lightning bolt: Donald Trump
Statue of Liberty: America
Bolt will hit it directly if he’s re-elected

— Marcus (@marcuspearl429) July 22, 2020

She’s still standing after being struck by lightning.

May our country be so lucky after being struck by Trump. #StatueOfLibertyStruckByLightning#Foreshadowing#Symbolic

— Lynne (@AtRiverdale) July 23, 2020

This video is a perfect metaphor for what Liberty looks like under the Trump administration! Wow!

When lightning strikes near the Statue of Liberty ⚡️ https://t.co/GYjcbhW8mM

— Dexter (@OperationDexter) July 23, 2020

And the lightning wasn't the only wild thing about the Thursday storm. A church in Queens set one fire during when witnesses claim a bolt of lightning struck the church's steeple, ABC 7 NY reported. No one was inside the church at the time.

The extreme New York weather on Wednesday could be mimicked on Thursday, too. Forecasts show Thursday night may host powerful storms yet again, according to the National Weather Service.