'90 Day Fiancé' Fans 'Can't Wait' for Loren and Alexei's Spinoff, React to Viral Trailer

The 90 Day Fiancé universe shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. It just added two new shows with fan-favorite veteran couples, and let's just say many fans are thrilled. Both Loren and Alexei Brovarnik and David Toborowsky and Annie Suwan Toborowsky will be getting their own couple series. Fans were recently treated to trailers for each show, and the situation is viral among fans.

Loren and Alexei's special called Loren & Alexei: After the 90 Days, will premiere on January 10 at 9:30 p.m. EST on TLC. David and Annie's show is called David & Annie: After the 90 Days, and it premieres just before Loren and Alexei's special at 9 p.m. EST.

Loren and Alexei, who were first introduced to fans in season 3 of 90 Day Fiancé, have been the favorites of viewers ever since. Their little family, which now includes 1-year-old Shai Josef and his brother Asher Noah, who was born on August 16 this year, have all become household names.

In the new series, fans will watch as a very pregnant Loren and her husband prepare for Asher's arrival. The trailer shares a glimpse of what's to come from Alexei in Israel to family drama. The idea of moving is even going to come up from their home in South Florida. The stress will be palpable, especially when the news is revealed that the new baby will be premature and have to spend time in the hospital.

The trailer was released on the 90 Day Fiancé Instagram page and has garnered over 110,000 views and many fans are "excited" and "can't wait" to see the spinoff of their favorite 90 Day family. Obviously, viewers are looking forward to this show.

"Ohhhhhh yesssss!" a fan on Instagram said. "TLC finally learned how much we love Loren and Alexei!"

Other fans had similar reactions. "My favorite couple along with Kenneth/Armando!" another fan expressed. "Can't wait to see this!"

"I am so excited to see this!" said yet another fan. "We get new shows for both Alex/Loren and David/Annie. Love it!!"

Although not all fans of the 90 Day universe would agree, some seem absolutely thrilled at the prospect of this new spinoff. "Omg!" a fan added. "I can't wait! My favorite couple on 90 Day ever!"

A fan called it, "def a must-watch," while another said, "this made my day," in regard to the trailer for the new series.

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Fans of "90 Day Fiancé" have taken to the internet to express their excitement over Loren and Alexei Brovarnik's newly-announced spin-off series. Their show will debut on January 10. acitore/Getty