$900 "Betsy Ross" Sneakers Listing Disappears from Ebay After Pair Reportedly Sold on StockX for $2,500

A pair of Nike's "Betsy Ross" sneakers sold reportedly sold for $2,500 after the company announced that it would stop selling the shoes on its website and apps. A pair of the shoes, created to celebrate the Fourth of July holiday, was reportedly sold at the hiked price on website StockX, a drastic increase from the original listing price of $120.

StockX CEO Scott Cutler later said that the website would no longer be selling the shoe, since the product "does not align with our value system." A pair with zero bids was still available on Ebay on Wednesday afternoon. The post for the shoes, which were priced at $900, disappeared by publication of this article.

(Neither Nike nor StockX immediately responded when asked how many shoes they had sold before removing the product. Ebay also did not immediately respond when asked if the company had removed the post).

Nike's removal of the shoe, which came after Colin Kaepernick objected to the flag, prompted a national debate about the history of the 13-star flag associated with the Revolutionary War.

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback said the flag represented an offensive link to America's history of slavery, and Americus Reed, a marketing professor at the University of Pennsylvania, told The New York Times that the flag was a symbol of race-based oppression similar to the Confederate flag. The Southern Poverty Law Center also noted that hate groups have co-opted the flag, which were historically used by white supremacists.

Is the Betsy Ross Flag Racist? Meaning, History and Symbolism Behind U.S.A.'s 13-Star Flag
A Henry Mosler painting 'The Birth of the Flag' depicts Betsy Ross and her assistants sewing the first American flag, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1777. Lambert/Getty Images

But prominent figures like Fox Nation host Tomi Lahren, Senator Ted Cruz and Fox host Laura Ingraham, who have railed against football players kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality, were quick to express outrage. Cruz urged people to stop buying products from Nike, prompting critics to quickly respond by noting that migrant children are being detained in Texas.

The Fortune 500 company sparked a similar response in September, when it ran an ad featuring Kaepernick with text reading "Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything. Just Do It." A similar cultural debate erupted, with people opposed to the ad, who have claimed that kneeling during the national anthem is disrespectful to the country, destroying Nike products in social media videos.

Despite the calls to boycott Nike which erupted last year after Kaepernick campaign, the company actually saw stock increase at least 5 percent in the weeks after launching the ad.

Betsy Ross
Screenshot from Ebay of "Betsy Ross" shoe post. Screenshot from Ebay