"Permit Patty" really did call police, 911 audio recording shows

Viral video showed a woman calling police to report a girl selling water screen grab

Police have released audio from a 911 call made by a woman dubbed 'Permit Patty' on social media calling police to complain about an 8-year-old girl selling water.

The girl was selling water near San Francisco's AT&T Park to raise money for a trip to Disneyland, as her mother had recently lost her job, reported USA Today.

Last week the girl's aunt posted video footage on social media showing the woman, who has been identified as Alison Ettel, calling police to complain, then ducking out of sight when she realises she's being recorded.

The footage went viral and Ettel was ridiculed on social media. In an interview with the Huffington Post, she claimed she was frustrated that the girl and her mother had been noisy when selling the water, and said she had only pretended to call police.

However the recording obtained by KTVU shows that Ettel in fact did make the call.

"I have someone who does not have a vendor permit who is selling water across from the ballpark. Can I get someone to talk about that," she can be heard saying in the call.

Ettel then holds for 17 seconds and the call is cut out, though its unclear whether Ettel hung up or the call was disconnected.

According to San Francisco Police Dispatch records cited by the outlet, the call was recorded as part of a report of a "suspicious person."

After the video went viral, Ettel resigned as CEO of a medical cannabis company.