See the 'Absolute Unit' of a Sheep That's Been Compared to a Nightclub Bouncer

Sheep aren't typically an animal that you'd think would be the best to have your back in a fight, but a Scottish sheep that a Twitter user shared might have you rethinking that. The sheep in question has proven to be an "absolute unit," and one look will make you a believer.

A Twitter user who goes by the name M shared the photo of the large, wooly animal with a stern look on its face that tells anyone looking to pet it or shear its fluffy fur that they better not. The picture was taken in Outer Hebrides in Scotland.

"[Cannot] stop laughing at the sheep my dad saw today. Absolute unit," she tweeted.

M thought the animal was so surprising that she even tweeted at the hosts of The Last Podcast on the Left to ask if it was a cryptid-an animal in the same vein as Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster.

The picture has been retweeted over 12,000 times and has been liked by over 117,000 people. In a tweet joking about how it blew up, M remarked that the sheep should be working the door at a nightclub. "Can't believe I have gone viral over a massive Outer Hebrides sheep that looks like a bouncer," she wrote.

M told Newsweek in a Twitter DM that the tweet's success has been surprising. "It's the toughest looking sheep I've ever seen! I honestly didn't expect it to go viral so this is all pretty wild," she wrote.

The "absolute unit" of a sheep inspired other people to share their own photos of brolic animals like Belgian bleus or mountain goats.

Besides animals that are absolutely jacked, another comparison that came about was rapper and singer CeeLo Green (most known as a judge on The Voice and for his hit single "F**k You"). In fairness, the sheep's mean-mug does look similar to CeeLo's sexy scowl.

Other people joked that the NFL should allow some struggling teams to slap a helmet on the sheep and get it in the next draft. "This son of a gun absolutely could eat up a double team and help a needy team's run defense right now," NFL writer Tyler Dunne wrote.

Because of the tweet's success, M hasn't had time to check on most of the memes herself. "My twitter notifications have been constant so barely have a chance to read most of them," she wrote in a message.

Sheep cast long shadows in the early morning sun as they graze in a field, on October 19, 2018 in Dalgety Bay, Scotland. Ken Jack - Corbis/Getty