Active Shooter at Pensacola Naval Air Station, Florida Live Updates: Shooter Dead, Injuries Reported

Multiple people, including the shooter, were killed at the U.S. Naval Air Station in Pensacola, Florida, Friday morning, according to the Navy.

Update: 1:05 p.m. EST—The shooter is a Saudi Arabian aviation student, according to the Associated Press, and authorities are investigating the situation to determine if it was terrorism-related.

"This strikes particularly hard for me as a retired military member ... it doesn't happen to our friends and neighbors who are members of the United States Navy but it did," Escambia County Sheriff David Morgan said during a press conference.

The shooting occurred in a classroom and a total of 11 people were shot, according to officials. Two members of the Escambia County Sheriff's Office, including one who was responsible for negating the threat, were hospitalized for their injuries.

Update: 11:57 a.m. EST—The Navy confirmed in a statement that four people are confirmed dead, including the shooter. The base is still in lockdown and base security and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service are investigating.

Update: 9:50 a.m. EST—The Navy confirmed a second victim was killed in the shooting, bringing the number of deaths to three.

Original story

Lieutenant Commander Megan Issac told Newsweek that the Navy was aware of reports that there was an active shooter and that the entire Pensacola base was put on lockdown. Isaac said they were working to gather details about the situation because it was still unfolding, and that they would release more information later.

Shortly before 9 a.m. Eastern time, the Escambia County Sheriff's Office posted on Facebook that there was no longer an active shooter. The shooter, according to the sheriff's office, was confirmed dead.

Newsweek reached out to the Escambia County Sheriff's Office, but sheriffs have not yet responded.

The Navy confirmed the death of the shooter and posted in a tweet that there was an additional fatality. An unknown number of injured people were being transferred to local hospitals.

#UPDATE: Active shooter is deceased.

One additional fatality has been confirmed. Unknown number of injured people being transferred to local hospitals.

— U.S. Navy (@USNavy) December 6, 2019

Legislators offered their prayers and support to the base. Representative Matt Gaetz and Senator Marco Rubio both posted on Twitter that they were "closely monitoring" the shooting and asked people to pray for everyone involved.

My staff and I are closely monitoring reports of a shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola. The shooter is now dead.

Please pray for our military service members, law enforcement, and other first responders as they work to address the situation.

— Rep. Matt Gaetz (@RepMattGaetz) December 6, 2019

Just spoke to commanding officer of Naval Air Station Pensacola. We are in close contact with all the relevant officials & closely monitoring events. Please pray for everyone impacted by this horrible situation.

— Marco Rubio (@marcorubio) December 6, 2019

Days earlier, on Wednesday, an active-duty sailor killed two civilian employees and injured a third at the Pearl Harbor base in Hawaii, according to the Associated Press. The suspect then shot himself. Commander of the Navy Region Hawaii, Rear Admiral Robert Chadwick told the AP at the time that they were still investigating the motive behind the shooting.

"There are so many unanswered questions," the sister of Vincent Kapoi Jr., one of the victims, said in a media statement, according to NBC News. "We all have to be honest: It changes nothing because we can't bring him back. What we do have to do, and we must do, is honor his memory, keep him alive in our hearts — and please keep him in your hearts, and always remember good times."

The identities of the Pearl Harbor shooter and the Pensacola shooter have not been released.

The Northwest Florida air station was the first to be commissioned by the Navy in 1914, according to, and is responsible for training thousands of naval aviators. Among those who were trained at the Florida base were John Glenn, the first American to orbit the earth, and Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon.

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Navy helicopters are prepared for a day of search and rescue operations for victims of Hurricane Katrina at the Naval Air Station September 5, 2005, in Pensacola, Florida. On Friday, there was an active shooter at the Florida air station, causing at least two deaths and multiple injuries. Jay C. Pugh/U.S. Navy/Getty