Leslie Bishop and Rebecca Leventhal, seniors at Harvard, want to get youth voters to polls on Nov. 2. With a $600 donation from the dean of Winthrop House, their dorm, the duo printed 800 T shirts that read I DECIDE. "We are a more materialistic generation," says Leventhal. "We wanted a trend out there that would actually affect the election." One problem: Massachusetts isn't exactly a swing state. So last week the women took 400 T's to Penn State University (they gave 400 to Winthrop residents). Dunster House, another dorm, is sending shirts to Florida State this week. "We are pleading with these students because their votes mean so much," says Bishop. She contends that the effort's nonpartisan, though she says, "In the last four years, people have become disempowered." But that didn't fit on a shirt.