List of Actors In Worst Rated Movies Names Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel and Robin Williams

A list of actors with the worst reviewed movies has surfaced, and you may be surprised whose names are on it. Jessica Alba leads the female list of actors in worst rated films, and right behind her is Jessica Biel. So what is it about them that keeps landing them jobs?

The list, compiled by GoCompare, according to the Washington Post, does not name the worst actors. Instead, it ranked the worst reviewed films averages to pin actors who appear in the most bashed movies.

As for how the actors are still household names, James Barnes of Verve said the study shows how critics might not make a huge difference in casting plans. "You'd think these actors would have a hard time getting work making one badly reviewed movie after another," Barnes told The Washington Post. "But this shows how hard it is for producers to find veteran actors. And that critics aren't the end all and be all of casting decisions."

The men’s list features Mike Epps in the leading spot, followed directly by Kevin Pollak. It also follows with a few surprising names: Josh Duhamel, Robin Williams and Gerard Butler follow Pollak.

Williams, especially, is a shocking name. From Good Will Hunting to Dreams With Sharp Teeth, he’s a respected, award-winning name in the industry. But Williams has appeared in a handful of duds too, critically speaking. According to the study, many of his most notable works fell before the threshold of the study.

GettyImages-71616567 Actor Robin Williams appears onstage during MTV's Total Request Live at the MTV Times Square Studios on April 27, 2006, in New York City. Williams is listed as one of the top five actors in worst rated movies on a 2018 list. Peter Kramer/Getty Images

The study only looked at actors who had 20 live-action roles in the last 20 years. To qualify for the movie, their name had to appear in the top ten billed names on the movie’s Internet Movie Database page. Then, the Metacritic percentages for each movie the actor appeared in were averaged to find the standings.

Biel might be another surprising name on the list, but her percentages for positively reviewed films are even lower than Alba in first place. While her average score on Metacritic was 41.6 percent, her percentage of movies with overall positive feedback from critics was only 4 percent. That’s lower than anyone on the list. Alba, also had low scores with only one movie, 2005’s Sin City, ranking as a well-received film.

The study also noted a Hollywood gender gap, which saw actors like Amanda Seyfried and Jennifer Aniston in the Top 15 of the list. Meanwhile, well-known male actors had a better chance of falling lower on the list based on less widely-received actors who have lower scores than them.

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