Actress Claims Avenatti Dragged Her Across The Floor

A California attorney, whose name has swirled among the potential 2020 Democratic presidential nominee candidates, continues battling accusations of felony domestic violence. Michael Avenatti, the counsel of former porn star Stormy Daniels who has also been a vocal adversary of president Donald Trump, was arrested last week in Los Angeles.

Details about last week's alleged altercation surfaced on Tuesday, and Avenatti still vehemently denies them.

The Associated Press reported today that actress Mareli Miniutti wrote in a sworn statement that Avenatti shouted expletives at her, hit her in the face with a pillow and dragged her across the floor by her arm.

Miniutti claimed the attorney went to a bed she was in at his apartment and yanked her phone away from her before she could plea for help.

The events last week led to Avenatti's arrest in Los Angeles, in which he then said the claims against him were fabrictaed.

"This is bulls***, this is f***ing bulls***," Avenatti said in last week's report.

Last week's report says an incident occured Tuesday, and then another confrontation happened between Avenatti and a woman at his apartment building on Wednesday in the Century City area of Los Angeles is what triggered the arrest. The woman reportedly ran out of the apartment building with sunglasses covering her eyes and yelling from the sidewalk, "I can't believe you did this to me."

Avenatti was arrested last week and calls the allegations "completely false." He's scheduled to appear in court next month.

The AP report details the restraining order filed by Miniutti, saying the actress was wearing just "a T-shirt and underpants" when he dragged her from the bed. A court granted Miniutti's restraining order request on Monday.

Court papers say Miniutti was scratched on her side and her leg, according to the AP report, nd that her filing papers including photographs that showed bruises.

Avenatti was released on $50,000 bail last week, and charges haven't been filed yet by prosecutors.

Avenatti sid in a statement, "There is extensive evidence that demonstrates that these allegations are fabricated, including multiple security cameras. I will be fully vindicated when all of this is said and done."

His attorneys have sent letters to detectives claiming Avenatti didn't cause any harm or injury.

Avenatti has also asked his apartment building to release surveillance videos that could have captured any movements or actions during the alleged events.